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UCI Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund

Open Access Publishing Fund
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Beginning in spring of 2013, University of California Irvine Libraries are launching a pilot open access fund. This fund will pay open access publishing charges for researchers who do not have grant funds available to cover them. Eligible charges include Article Processing Charges (APCs) for fully open access journals and article fees for hybrid journals (where an author pays to make a single article Open Access in a journal that is not fully open access).

UC Irvine faculty, post-doctoral scholars, researchers, graduate students and staff are eligible to apply for funds. The fund will pay up to $3000 per article in a fully open access journal, up to $1500 per article for hybrid journals and has a cap of one article per author per year.

The California Digital Library (CDL) and UC Irvine Libraries are providing the funds in order to support UC researchers interested in reshaping models of scholarly publishing. The Libraries will track how the funds are spent, and the success and sustainability of the pilot will be evaluated. The chief goals of the program include fostering greater dissemination of the work of University of California scholars and encouraging faculty control of copyright.

The pilot has ended in March 2014.   Only submissions for Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) journals are being accepted.

Authors can apply for RSC jorunals using the online application form

When does the pilot begin and end?

The pilot will begin spring quarter 2013 and will be evaluated after approximately 10 months.  The pilot ended in March 2014.

Is this related to the draft faculty-proposed Open Access Policy for the University of California?

No, it's unrelated. This pilot will pay costs publishing new research in open access journals, and will involve funds provided by CDL and UC Irvine Libraries. The proposed Open Access pilot is focused on open access archiving regardless of place of publication, and under discussion by faculty senates.

Where is the money from the fund coming from?

This effort is co-funded by the California Digital Library and the UC Irvine Libraries. We chose to move forward with this pilot in order to get experience with an alternative funding model, and we expect that it will give us valuable information about the costs faculty may incur and need support for if more journals move to an Article Processing Charge financial model.  

How much do Open Access charges cost?

It varies dramatically depending on the journal and the publisher. Many do not charge authors fees (e.g. Open Humanities Press journals); some charge hundreds of dollars (e.g. SAGE Open is $695), some charge thousands (Wiley journals are $3000). For more examples, see this list at the Berkeley Libraries website.

For further information on the UCI Libraries Open Access Publishing Fund, contact the Mitchell Brown (Scholarly Communications Coordinator) at mcbrown@uci.edu or (949) 824-9732.