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The UC Irvine Libraries support the Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows Series by providing a bibliography of the works of each Fellow. The bibliographies are available in print at the Langson and Science Libraries and at each public event.

2000 - 2001 Series

Paul Kaiser, Shelley Eshkar, and Michael Girard

UC Irvine Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow
A Selective Bibliography: The UC Irvine Libraries
April 18, 2001

Lorelei Tanji, Arts Bibliographer
The UC Irvine Libraries

Paul Kaiser and Shelley Eshkar are digital artists. They work both independently and collaboratively. Paul Kaiser co-founded Riverbed Multimedia Studio in New York City, which explores the integration of digital art, dance, drawing, and computer animation. Some of their collaborations utilizing motion capture technology and dance have been with Michael Girard, Susan Amkraut, and others.

Dr. Michael Girard is a research software scientist and president of Unreal Pictures. Susan Amkraut and Michael Girard founded Unreal Pictures, Inc. in 1993. Unreal Pictures develops "Character Studio," a professional high-end 3D character animation system published by Discreet (the multimedia division of Autodesk) for use in the film, games and broadcast production markets.

Character Studio (Unreal Pictures) was employed by Riverbed Studios for projects with choreographers Merce Cunningham (Hand-drawn Spaces; BIPED) and Bill T. Jones (Ghostcatching).

Selected Artistic Projects

    1990: Girard and Amkraut collaborated on Eurhythmy, an internationally acclaimed animation.

    1992: Girard and Amkraut created Menagerie, a virtual reality/behavioral animation installation that was shown in the Pompidou Center in Paris.

    1994-97: Kaiser and Eshkar created an interactive exploration of Robert Wilson's early theater work entitled A Visionary of Theater. Exhibited at the Pompidou Center, the New York Film Festival, etc. Early prototype published in Prisma Art Galerie: Internationale Computerkunst (Hamburg: 1993). Co-curated an exhibit entitles Theater of Drawings which incorporates displays of Wilson's notebooks and sections from interactive work. Exhibited at Harvard's Graduate School of Design (1998) and other venues.

    1995: Kaiser and Eshkar collaborated with choreographer William Forsythe of the Frankfurt Ballet to visualize his composition methods using digital media. Project eventually produced by Forsythe at ZKM Karlsruhe and published as Improvisation Technologies in 1999 by Cantz.

    1996: Kaiser and Eshkar designed a 3D interface ("poem-space") for exploring the poetry, politics, and life of Leopold Senghor for 3001 Multimedia, a Paris-based multimedia publisher.

    1997: Kaiser and Eshkar developed an intuitive visual database for exploring textile designs. Exhibited at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City.

    1998-present: Kaiser and Eshkar supervised the design of adult and children's websites for the Keith Haring Foundation.

    1998: Hand-Drawn Spaces. Kaiser and Eshkar created in collaboration with Merce Cunningham a virtual dance performance premiered as the headline show at the Electronic Theater of the SIGGRAPH conference in Orlando Florida (July 1998). Opened as an installation at the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus Ohio (September 1998). Now part of a large Cunningham retrospective that is travelling to various cities worldwide.

    1999: Ghostcatching. Kaiser and Eshkar created in collaboration with Bill T. Jones a virtual dance installation that opened at the Houghton Gallery of The Cooper Union in New York City (January 1999). Subsequent exhibits at the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, Fondacio Servales in Lisbon, Portugal, etc.

    1999: BIPED. Kaiser and Eshkar created visual projections for a dance by Merce Cunningham It premiered at the Zellerbach Theater in Berkeley, California (April 1999); premiered in New York at the State Theater at Lincoln Center (July 1999), and is now part of the Cunningham Dance Company's tour of Europe (Fall 1999) and North America (Spring 2000). Lecture/demonstrations of project held in the Guggenheim Museum's Works and Process series (June 1999).

    1999-: If By Chance (Flicker-track; Verge). Kaiser and Eshkar in collaboration with Michael Girard and Susan Amkraut. An abstract computer projection installed as part of Searchlight: Consciousness at the Millennium at the California College of Arts & Crafts (CCAC), San Francisco (September 1999). Work-in-progress.

    2000: You Walk? Projections by Kaiser for a dance by Bill T. Jones.

    2000: Blind Side a BAM/Lucent Fellowship project, a collaboration between Paul Kaiser and two Bell Labs scientists, Jakub Segen and Nicolas Tsingos.

    2000: Loops, Kaiser and Eshkar's third collaboration with Merce Cunningham, whose finger and hand movements from his solo of that name will be captured; motion capture to start in August 2000.

    2000: Untitled dance for children and Lego robots, a collaboration between Paul Kaiser and William Forsythe, with Ana Roman; a production of the mak.frankfurt museum (under the direction of James Bradburne); first workshop scheduled for November 2000.

    2001: Pedestrian. Work of public art by Kaiser, Eshkar, Girard, and Amkraut.

Selected Publications by Riverbed Members

    Kaiser, Paul. Catalog essay for Ghostcatching IN Steps. NY: Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, 1999.

    Kaiser, Paul. "Dance Geometry: A Dialogue with William Forsythe," Performance Research, 1999.
    Langson Library Call Number: PN 1561 P43

Selected Articles

    Abouaf, Jeffrey. "Bust a Move! Motion Capture and character studio Give Animators New Ways to Move."

    ----------."Biped: A Dance with Virtual and Company Dancers, Part 1." IEEE Multimedia, no. 3 (July-September 1999).
    Science Library Call Number: QA 76.575 I33

    Acocella, Joan. "The Gambler: Merce Cunningham, At Eighty, Continues to Roll the Dice." New Yorker 75, no. 22 (August 9, 1999):84.
    Langson Library Call Number: AP 2 N6763

    Baumgartner, Henry. "How to Catch a Ghost." Mechanical Engineering-CIME 121, no. 4 (April, 1999):108

    Bunn, Austin. "Losing the Body." Village Voice, January 12, 1999.
    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room

    Canemaker, John. "Summer Films: The Future; Me Tarzan, Me Computer-Assisted." New York Times, May 2, 1999.
    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room

    Craine, Debra. "Old Dog with New Tricks." The Times (London), October 12, 2000.
    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room

    De Spain, Kent. "Dance and Technology: A Pas de Deux for Post-humans." Dance Research Journal, Summer 2000.
    Langson Library Call Number: GV 1580 C6

    ----------. "Digital Dance: The Computer Artistry of Paul Kaiser." Dance Research Journal, Summer 2000.
    Langson Library Call Number: GV 1580 C6

    Dixon, Pam. "Computers Dance into a New Realm." San Diego Union, February 28, 1999, E4.
    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room

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    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room

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    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room

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    Langson Library Call Number: AP 2 N6772

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    Langson Library Call Number: AP 2 T37

    Ingalls, Zoe. "Using New Technology to Create 'Virtual Dance': Project with Bill T. Jones shows how choreographers may gain new ways to design movement." The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 29, 1999.
    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room [MICROFILM] S-000090

    Jowitt, Deborah. "Complexity's Master." Village Voice, August 3, 1999.
    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room

    ----------. "Shoot for the Stars." Village Voice, October 3, 1999.
    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room

    Kopp, Leslie. "Motion Capture: An Introduction." Afterimages, 1/2, Summer 1999.
    Langson Library Special Collections (Dance) Call Number: PN 1561 A48

    Meisner, Nadine. "The Arts Review: Dance Merce Cunningham Dance Company Barbican Theatre London." The Independent (London), October 12, 2000, 12.
    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room

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    Science Library Call Number: TK5105.5 .W57

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    Langson Library Location: Current Periodicals Room

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    Tobias, Tobi. "Merce Cunningham." New York, 32, no. 30 (August 9, 1999): 55.
    Langson Library Call Number: AP 2 N65

    Towes, Deidre. "Mental Space." Dance on Camera Journal, (January-February 1999).


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Selected Awards

    1996: Guggenheim Fellowship - First fellowship awarded to a multimedia artist (Kaiser)

    1997: Fellowship at the Lubalin Center of Cooper Union - To explore connections between drawing and dance in creating new forms of virtual performances. (Kaiser, Eshkar)

    1998: Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art Award - Awarded for work in virtual dance (Kaiser and Eshkar).

    1999 - Prix Ars Electronica - Honorable mention for Ghostcatching

    1999 - Artist-in-Residency - Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary art (MASS MoCA) (Kaiser)



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