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The UC Irvine Libraries support the Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows Series by providing a bibliography of the works of each Fellow. The bibliographies are available in print at the Langson and Science Libraries and at each public event.

2001 - 2002 Series

Cleo Parker Robinson

UC Irvine Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow
A Selective Bibliography: The UC Irvine Libraries
February 24, 2002

Compiled by Lorelei Tanji, Head, Collection Development
The UC Irvine Libraries

Cleo Parker Robinson is the Founder and Executive Artistic Director of the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, which is an affiliate of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. CPRD also operates a year-round school, a program called "Season of Schools" that serves the Denver Public School District, an International Summer Dance Institute, a 300-seat Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre, and an outreach program for at-risk youth called Project Self-Discovery (PSD).

Selected Awards

  • Coming Up Taller Award
  • National Council on the Arts, Member
    [Appointed by President Clinton and confirmed by U.S. Senate]
  • Colorado Governor's Award for Excellence in the Arts
  • Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from the University of Denver
  • Induction into the Blacks in Colorado Hall of Fame
  • Dance Women/Living Legends project

Selected Magazine/Journal Articles

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  • Anderson, Jack and George Dorris.
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  • Schwartzkopff, Jim. "Cleo Parker Robinson visits NYC. (Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble to perform in the Lincoln Center Out-of-Door series, Aug 14-15, 1994)." Dance Magazine 68, no. 8 (August, 1994):15.
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  • Sloat, Susanna. "Review: Dance Women/Living Legends."
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  • Tobi, Tobias. "Dance Women/Living Legends.
    (Majestic Theater, New York, New York)."
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Selected Newspaper Articles

  • Dunning, Jennifer. "Five choreographers compare notes on dance, black and otherwise. (Joan Myers Borwn, Ann Williams, Cleo Parker Robinson, Lula Washington, Jeraldyne Blunden honored in 'Dance women:Living Legends')."
    New York Times
    , 13 November 1997, B3(N), E1 (L).
  • Gastineau, Janine. "A Star shining brightly amid a regional galaxy."
    New York Times
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  • Grossman, Cathy Lynn. "Dance Festival Honors Roots of Modern Dance."
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  • Kriegsman, Alan M. "Robinson's Dramatic Dancers."
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  • Shugold, Marc. "Black Dancers Stress Unity, But Ominous Note Is Sounded; Dance: A Veteran Choreographer Warns Delegates at a Denver Conference That They are Facing Extinction."
    Los Angeles Times
    , Home Edition, 31 January 1990, Part F (Calendar), 4.


  • Dance Collection. New York Public Library.
    Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble [clippings]
    . [1979?]-.
  • International Conference on Black Dance. 1988-1990.
    Conference report, agendas, and press clippings
    . Philadelphia [etc.], 1988-. The third conference, sponsored by the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, was held in Denver, 1990.

Selected Videotapes

  • Dance Women/Living Legends [videorecording] : A celebration of five African American women, their dance companies and their impact on American dance. VHS. Newark, New Jersey: presented by Aaron Davis Hall's Masters Series; co-presented with 651, An Arts Center at the BAM Majestic Theater, Brooklyn, and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. 13-14 November 1997.
  • [Leni Wylliams] [videorecording]. VHS. Videotaped in performance at the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Theatre, Denver, Colo., as part of the 25th anniversary celebration of the Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble, on September 28, 1995.
  • Robinson, Cleo Parker. Blood River. VHS: Videotaped in performance at the Cleo Parker Robinson Theatre. 1996.
  • Robinson, Cleo Parker. Run Sister Run. 3/4 in. Producer/director: Margie Soo Hoo Lee. Writer: Schyleen Qualls. Choreography: Cleo Parker Robinson. Music: Gordon Parks. Costumes: Martha Parker. Performed by Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Ensemble. Documentary on the creation of the dance work Run Sister Run, inspired by Angela Davis's experiences as a fugitive.

Selected Websites

  • Milkman, Dr. Harvey B. (Dept. Psychology, Metropolitan State College of Denver).
    Project Self Discovery and Natural Highs: Artistic Alternatives to Teenage Drug Abuse, Crime and Violence.
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