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The UC Irvine Libraries support the Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows Series by providing a bibliography of the works of each Fellow. The bibliographies are available in print at the Langson and Science Libraries and at each public event.

1999 - 2000 Series

Felix Weinberg

UC Irvine Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow
A Selective Bibliography: The UC Irvine Libraries
February 9, 2000

Julia Gelfand, Applied Sciences Librarian
The UC Irvine Libraries

Authored and Edited Books and Collections

    Advanced Combustion Methods.  London: Academic Press, 1986.

    Combustion Institute European Symposium 1973: papers for presentation at the Symposium held at the University of Sheffield, September 16-21, 1973.  London: Academic Press, 1973.

    Old Flames and New.  London: Imperial College of Science and Technology, 1969.

    Electrical Aspects of Combustion. Oxford: Clarendon, 1969.  SL QC 711 L38

    Optics of Flames, including methods for the study of refractive index fields in combustion and aerodynamics.  Washington:  Butterworths, 1963.  SL QD516 W4

Articles, Papers and Chapters in Journals, Conference Proceedings and Books

    "The Optics of Small Diffusion Flames in Microgravity," (1999) 27th (Int.) Symposium on Combustion, Boulder, CO, USA.  Pittsburgh: Combustion Institute, 1998.

    "Recent Studies of Light Refraction by Flames," (1998) 8th International Symposium on Flow Visualization, Sorento

     "Location of the Schlieren Image in Premixed Flames: Axially Symmetrical Refractive Index Fields,"
    Combustion and Flame 113/3 (1998): 9.

    "On the Use of Light Sheet Methods in the Presence of Refraction by Flames," (1997) 26th International Symposium on Combustion, Naples, Italy.  Pittsburgh: Combustion Institute, 1996.

    "Heat-Recirculating Burners: Principles and Some Recent Development," Combustion Science and Technology 121/3 (1996): 20.  Was also presented as an Invited Paper at the Third International Conference on Combustion Technologies for a Clean Environment, Lisbon, July 3-6, 1995.

    "How was that Madeira mídear?," Report on Madeira Symposium.  Combustion Institute (British Section) Newsletter 96/1 (1996): 9.

    "Simulation of Microgravity by the Application of Electronic Fields to Flames," Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of the Portuguese, British, Spanish and Swedish Sections of the Combustion Institute (1996) Madeira.

    "A Preliminary Study of the Interaction of a CO2 Laser Beam with C2H2 Flames," Proceedings of the Joint Meeting of the Portuguese, British, Spanish and Swedish Sections of the Combustion Institute (1996), Madeira.

    "Fuel Saving by Heat Recirculating Combustion Using Fibre Mats," (1995) 25th  (Int.) Symposium on  Combustion, Irvine, CA.  Pittsburgh: Combustion Institute, 1994

    "Towards the Supermarket Combustion Symposium: Some Highly Subjective Reflections on the 25th." The Combustion Institute (British Section) Newsletter 94/2 (1994): 17.

    "Combustion Research for the 21st Century - Some Speculative Extrapolations," Combustion Science and Technology 98 (1994): 349.  Also presented as Modified Plenary Lecture, "Aerothermodynamics in Combustors," International Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan, June 1991.

    "Superstitious Pigeons in a Model World," in Advanced Combustion Science, edited by T. Someya.  Heidelberg: Springer Verlag, 1993, 273.

     "Initiating Reaction in Liquid Propellants by Focused Laser Beams," Combustion Science and Technology 88 (1992): 33.

    "Electrically Driven Convection," (1991) Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Fluids in Space, Ajaccio, ESA SP 353, June 1992: 353.

    "Heat Recuperation Applied to a Gas Ring Burner," Combustion Science and Technology 83 (1992): 327.

    "Near-Limit Combustion in Spouted and in Crater Beds," Combustion Science and Technology 81 (1992): 1.

    "Laser Ignition of Liquid Propellants," (1991) 23rd (Int.) Symposium on Combustion, Orleans, France.  Pittsburgh: Combustion Institute, 1990.

     "Radiative Ignition by Loose Agglomerates of Fine Fibres," SPIE Fibre Optics í90 1314 (1990): 398.

    "Adapting Continuous Flow Plasma Jets for Intermittent Ignition in Gas Turbine Combustors," Combustion Science and Technology 70 (1990): 171.

    "The Effect of Non-Steady Electric Fields on Sooting Flames," Combustion and Flame 78 (1989): 357.

    "Combustion in Crater Beds," Combustion and Flame 68 (1987): 155.

    "Hydrogen Atom Distribution in Pulsed Plasma Jet Igniters," Combustion and Flame 67 (1987): 259.

    "A Novel Ignition Device for the Internal Combustion Engine," Nature 311 (1984): 738.

    "The Combustion Characteristics of Spouted Beds," 18th (Int.) Symposium on Combustion.  Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (1980). Pittsburgh: Combustion Institute, 1981.

     "Combustion Temperatures: The Future?" Nature 233 (1971): 239.

    "The Mechanism of Smouldering in Cigarettes," Combustion and Flame 7 (1963): 63.

    "An Experimental Study of Burner-Stabilised Turbulent Flames in premixed Reactants," Proceedings of the Royal Society A 268 (1962): 222.

    "A Method of Analysis of a Plane Combustion Wave," (1952)  4th (Int.) Symposium on Combustion, Cambridge, MA, USA. Baltimore, MD: Williams and Wilkens, 1953.

Invited Lectures and Papers

    "Electrical Interaction with Flames: Some Recent Developments." (1997) Plenary Lecture at the 15th International Symposium on Combustion Processes, Polish Academy of Sciences, Zakopane, September 8-12, 1997.

    "A Brief Survey of ëExcess Enthalpy" Combustion and Some Recent Developments." (1995) Plenary Lecture of the International Meeting on Superadiabatic Combustion, Academy of Sciences of Republic Belarus, Minsk, August 18-September 1, 1995.

    "Radiative Ignition," Invited Paper at the First International Seminar on Fire and Explosion Hazards of Substances and Venting of Deflagrations (1995), All-Russian Research Institute for Fire Protection, Moscow, July 17-21, 1995.

    "Combustion Developments." (1991) Italgas Prize Lecture, Turin Academy of Sciences, October 1991.  Also translated into Italian, "Sviluppi Nei Campo Della Combustione."

    "Combustion and Plasmas," Invited Paper.  Proceedings XVIII International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases, (1987): 82.

    "The First Halfmillion Years of Combustion Research and Todayís Burning Problems, Plenary Lecture, 15th (Int.) Symposium on Combustion, Tokyo (1974). Pittsburgh: Combustion Institute, 1975.  The invited expansion of this paper was published in Progress in Energy Combustion Science 1 (1975): 17.

    "Laser Techniques in Combustion Research," an invited review. Combustion and Flame 13 (1969): 335.

    "Flame Processes," Invited essay, Enciclopaedia del Petrolio e dei Gas Naturali (1960), subsequently reissued as a Department Monograph by Ento Nazionale Idrocarburi and reproduced by Shell Research, Ltd.


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS:  Prof. Derek Dunn-Rankin, Dept of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UC Irvine



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