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The UC Irvine Libraries support the Chancellor's Distinguished Fellows Series by providing a bibliography of the works of each Fellow. The bibliographies are available in print at the Langson and Science Libraries and at each public event.

2002 - 2003 Series

Barbara Yngvesson

UC Irvine Chancellor's Distinguished Fellow
A Selective Bibliography: The UC Irvine Libraries
April 9, 2003

Pauline Manaka, Anthropology & Sociology Librarian

Judy Ruttenberg, African American Studies & Criminology, Law & Society Librarian
The UC Irvine Libraries



Greenhouse, C.J., Yngvesson, B. & Engel, D.M. (1994). Law and Community in three American towns. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press. Recipient of the 1996 Herbert Jacob Book Prize, Law and Society Association
UC Irvine Langson Library: KF371 .G74 1994

Yngvesson, B. (1993). Virtuous citizens, disruptive subjects: order and complaint in a New England court. New York, NY: Routledge.
UC Irvine Langson Library: KFM2962 .Y64 1993

Edited Work

Collier, J., Yngvesson, B., & Engel, D. (1994). Law and Society Review, Special Issue: Law & Society in Southeast Asia, 28.

Journal Articles

Yngvesson, B. (in press). "Going home": Adoption, loss of bearings, and the mythology of roots. Social Text, 74, Special Issue on Transnational Kinship.

Coutin, S.B., Maurer, B., & Yngvesson, B. (2002). In the mirror: The legitimation work of globalization. Law and Social Inquiry, 27, 801-843.

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Yngvesson, B., & Mahoney, M.A. (2000). 'As one should, ought and wants to be':
Belonging and authenticity in identity narratives. Theory, Culture & Society, 17,77-110.

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Book Chapters

Yngvesson, B. (2000). Un nino de cualquier color: Race and nation in intercountry adoption. In J. Jenson & B. de Sousa Santos (Eds.), Globalizing institutions: Case studies in regulation and innovation. (pp. 169-204). Burlington, VT: Ashgate.
UC Irvine Langson Library: JZ1318 .J46 2000

Yngvesson, B. (1994). "Kidstuff" and complaint: Interpreting resistance in a New England court. In M. Lazurus-Black & S.F. Hirsch (Eds.), Contested states: Law, hegemony and resistance. (pp. 138-152). New York, NY: Routledge.
UC Irvine Langson Library: K376 .C66 1994

Yngvesson, B. (1993). Local people, local problems, and neighborhood justice: The discourse of "community" in San Francisco Community Boards. In S. Merry & N. Milner (Eds.), The possibility of popular justice: A case study of community mediation in the United States. (pp. 379-400). Ann Arbor, MI: University of Michigan Press.
UC Irvine Langson Library: KFX2353.2 .P67 1993

Yngvesson, B. (1984). What is a dispute about? In D. Black (Ed.), Toward a general theory of social control: Vol. 2. (pp. 235-260). New York, NY: Academic Press.
UC Irvine Langson Library: HM291 .T66 1984

Yngvesson, B. & Mather, L. (1983). Courts, moots, and the disputing process. In K.O. Boyum & L. Mather (Eds.), Empirical theories about courts. (pp. 51-83). New York, NY: Longman.
UC Irvine Langson Library: KF8719.A2 E46 1983

Yngvesson, B. (1978). The Atlantic fishermen. In L. Nader & H.F. Todd, Jr. (Eds.), The disputing process: Law in ten societies. (pp. 59-85). New York, NY: Columbia University Press.
UC Irvine Langson Library: K2400 .D5

Yngvesson, B. (1978). The reasonable man and the unreasonable gossip: On the flexibility of legal concepts and the elasticity of legal time. In P.H. Gulliver (Ed.), Cross-examinations: Essays in memory of Max Gluckman. (pp. 133-154). Leiden: E.J. Brill.
UC Irvine Langson Library: K190.Z9 C76.

Nader, L. & Yngvesson, B. (1973). On studying the ethnography of law and its consequences. In J.J. Honigmann (Ed.), Handbook of social and cultural anthropology. (pp. 883-921). Chicago, IL: Rand McNally.
UC Irvine Langson Library: GN315 .H642

Book Reviews

Yngvesson, B. (1993). [Review of the book, Justice as translation: An essay in cultural and legal criticism]. American Ethnologist, 20, 401-402.

Yngvesson, B. (1993). Beastly neighbors: Continuing relations in cattle country. [Review of the book, Order without law: How neighbors settle disputes]. Yale Law Journal, 102, 1787-1801.

Yngvesson, B. (1988). Disputing alternatives: Settlement as science and politics. [Review of the book, Dispute resolution]. Law and Social Inquiry, 13, 113-132.

Author's Books Reviewed

Collier, J.F. (1996). [Review of the book, Law and community in three American towns]. American Anthropologist, 98, 905-906.

Hunt, A. (1996). Law, community, and everyday life: Yngvesson's virtuous citizens and disruptive subjects. [Review of the book, Virtuous citizens, disruptive subjects: order and complaint in a New England court]. Law and Social Inquiry, 21, 173-184.

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Trevino, A.J. (1994). [Review of the book, Virtuous citizens, disruptive subjects: order and complaint in a New England court]. Humanity and Society, 18, 119-121.

Selected Works About the Author

Moosnick, N.R. (2001). Challenged mothers: Women who adopt transracially and/or transnationally. (Doctoral dissertation, University of Kentucky, 2000). Dissertation Abstracts International, 61, 2933.

Engel, D.M. (1999). Making connections: Law and society researchers and their subjects. Law & Society Review, 33, 3-16.

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Fitzgerald, J & Dickins, R. (1980-1). Disputing in legal and nonlegal contexts: Some questions for sociologists of law. Law and Society Review, 15, 681-706.

Professional Career

1982 - present: Professor of Anthropology, Hampshire College
1975-1982: Associate Professor of Anthropology, Hampshire College
1970-1975: Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Hampshire College


Dr. Yngvesson's research has been funded by numerous research grants from agencies including the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, and the National Institute of Mental Health.

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