UCI Libraries Update Redux  
Vol 1 | No 1 | July 2011 | Web: www.lib.uci.edu/about/publications/redux/jul11/index.html

Mellon Grant Awarded to Implement the Western Regional Storage Trust

A three-year Mellon grant awarded to the UCI Libraries in December 2010 will aid in the preservation of endangered journals and increase access for members of Western Regional Storage Trust (WEST www.cdlib.org/west/). (more)


The UCI Libraries have received two generous gifts from local activists, Barbara Muirhead and G.C. "Brad" Brafford, to support the documentation of Orange County lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) history. (more)

Increasing Costs for Replacement Books

The Libraries will be increasing the fee to cover the cost of an average lost book. Effective January 2011, books in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences will now cost $75 to replace and books in Science, Technology and Medicine will cost $100. (more)

Evidence-Based Practice: Improving Patient Care (new online tutorial)

This brief, interactive tutorial introduces the basic principles of Evidence Based Practice (EBP). EBP is defined as the integration of best clinical evidence with a health professional's clinical experience and expertise and the patient's values, preferences, concerns, and rights. (more)

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