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UCI's Ayala Science Library, one of the largest consolidated science, technology, and medicine libraries in the nation, contains the collections and services that support research and teaching in the schools of Biological Sciences, Engineering, Information and Computer Science, Physical Sciences, portions of social Ecology, and Medicine.

Staff members are available to provide assistance at the Check Out Desk on the Library's 1st floor and research librarians are available for scheduled consultations at the 2nd floor consultation desk.



Study Space Locator  

The Ayala Science Library offers a number of spaces for collaboration and quiet study, including 50 small group rooms located throughout the library. These are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Note that the library is not responsible for unattended items, and items left in study rooms may be relocated by staff to the Check Out Desk to free the space for others to use.

The 4th, 5th and 6th floor study halls are officially designated quiet zones, perfect for focusing on individual study. Please turn your cell phones off and take all conversations outside.

There is study space throughout the of the library, including the Grand Reading Room, with a variety of seating arrangements and power outlets for laptop users. The 2nd floor is an ideal space to study if you like a little background noise.

The Faculty and Graduate Reading Room is located on the 4th floor in ASL 411 BAR, which may be entered on either the fourth or fifth floors -- UCI faculty and graduate students may use the reading room by checking out a cardkey from the Check Out Desk.


Find a Computer  

Public computers are Windows 7 PCs with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Office 2013 and a variety of tools to view online information and research as well as instructional media. Printing is available using a library copy card. Computers have USB connections and CD/DVD drives. There is a scanner near the Ayala Science Library's reference desk (?).


  • 1st Floor Lobby
  • 2nd Floor Grand Reading Room & Check Out Desk
  • 4th Floor Elevator Lobby
  • 5th Floor Elevator Lobby
  • 6th Floor Elevator Lobby


1st Floor

2nd Floor
Current Periodicals

4th Floor
DRUM: Bound Journals AS - W1 CE
BAR: Books AC1 A1 - QH5000 Z99
End of BAR: Oversize AC1 A1 - QH5000 Z99

5th Floor
DRUM: Bound Journals W1 CH - ZQM, Gov Info
BAR: Books QK1 A1 - TJ1700 Z99
End of BAR: Oversize QK1 A1 - TJ1700 Z99

6th Floor
BAR: Books TK1 A1 - ZZZ
End of BAR: Oversize TK1 A1 - ZZZ


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