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1. Han'guk i chisik k'ont'ench' Korean database
Full-text collection of Korean classical books including: history, literature, folk literature, natural history, oriental medicine, religion, myth, and other classical works
  Subject: Korea -- History -- Databases; Medicine, Oriental -- Databases; Arts -- Korea -- Databases; Korean literature -- Databases
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2. Handling a fiduciary accounting
  Subject: Accounting -- Law and legislation -- United States; Trusts and trustees -- United States -- Accounting
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3. Handling a probate
  Subject: Probate law and practice
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4. Handling a real property foreclosure by Michael P. Brody
This Action Guide explains a real property foreclosure primarily from the lender's perspective. It is also valuable to borrowers' and foreclosure trustees' counsel for its clear description of foreclosure law and process. It identifies lender's options and ... read more
  Subject: Foreclosure -- California
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5. Handling a wrongful termination action
  Subject: Trial practice -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc; Employees -- Dismissal of -- Law and legislation -- California -- Trial pracice -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
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6. Handling civil appeals
  Subject: Civil procedure -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc; Appellate procedure -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
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7. Handling depositions
  Subject: Depositions -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
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8. Handling expert witnesses in California courts:
  Subject: Evidence, Expert -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
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9. Handling mechanics' liens and related remedies (private works)
  Subject: Mechanics' liens -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
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10. Handling mold litigation in California
This Action Guide covers the most important basics of mold litigation. It assists the attorney in investigating legal relationships of the adverse parties, engaging scientific and medical litigation experts, and determining the cause of the mold exposure. ... read more
  Subject: Toxic torts -- California; Molds (Fungi) -- Law and legislation -- California
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11. Handling motions to compel and other discovery motions by Jeffrey A.Tidus judge's perspective Everett Hewllet, Jr
  Subject: Discovery (Law) -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
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12. Handling postmortem trust administration
  Subject: Inheritance and transfer tax -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc; Estate planning -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc; Executors and administrators -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc; Decedents' estates -- Taxation -- California -- Outlin
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13. Handling real property sales transactions
  Subject: Vendors and purchasers -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
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14. Handling subpoenas
  Subject: Subpoena -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
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15. Handling unlawful detainers
  Subject: Landlord and tenant -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc; Eviction -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc; Forcible entry and detainer -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
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16. HAPI online
HAPI Online combines current information about Latin America with complete coverage spanning more than 25 years, from 1970 to the present. The database contains over 200,000 citations from 400 humanities and social science journals published worldwide. Most ... read more
  Subject: Latin America -- Indexes; Hispanic Americans -- Indexes
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17. Hart's E & P daily
  Subject: Gas industry; Petroleum industry and trade; Petroleum engineering
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18. Hartill art and architecture
Collection of 16,600 images of the architecture and art of the Western world, Middle East, and the Americas. The time range is from ancient to contemporary. Each image has an accompanying catalog record in the database
  Subject: Digital images -- Databases; Images, Photographic -- Databases; Art -- Databases; Architecture -- Databases
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19. Health hotlines toll-free numbers from the National Library of Medicine
An online database of health-related organizations operating toll-free telephone services. The database also includes information on services and publications available in Spanish. It is derived from DIRLINE, the National Library of Medicine's Directory of Information Resources Online. ... read more
  Subject: Medicine -- United States -- Information services -- Directories; Medical care -- United States -- Information services -- Directories; Public health -- United States -- Telephone directories; Public health -- United States -- Information services -- Dire
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20. Health Publications Finder Department of Health Services
Consists of both printed materials such as pamphlets, fact sheets, and posters and electronic media such as audiotapes, videotapes, and Internet documents available in a wide variety of topics. Contains full text for some items
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21. Heart attack outcomes reports California Hospital Outcomes Project
  Subject: Outcome assessment (Medical care) -- California -- Statistics; Myocardial infarction -- Patients -- California -- Statistics; Hospital care -- California -- Evaluation; Hospital patients -- Mortality -- California -- Statistics
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22. HeinOnline the modern link to legal history
Hein online is a full text image-based searchable database of legal materials. It currently includes these collections: the Law Journal Library, Bar Journal Library, the Federal Register Library, Session laws Library, the Treaties and Agreements Library, the ... read more
  Subject: United States -- Foreign relations -- Treaties; Bar associations -- United States -- States; Law reviews -- United States; Law reviews; Legal research -- United States; Law -- United States; Law -- Periodicals -- Indexes
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23. Hemeroteca digital
This database is the first part of the Biblioteca Virtual Hispnica and consists currently of 143 titles which comprise 500,000 pages representing a wide variety of Spanish periodicals of all types: political, satirical, technical, literary, sports, religious, ... read more
  Subject: Spain -- Periodicals -- Databases; Spanish periodicals -- Databases
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24. Heritage of the printed book
The Hand Press Book file includes records for European printing of the hand-press period (c. 1455-1830) from the Consortium of European Research Libraries, whose 48 members represent national and university libraries in 25 countries. The Hand Press ... read more
  Subject: Union catalogs -- Europe; Early printed books -- Catalogs; Early printed books -- Indexes -- Databases; Hand-printed books -- Indexes -- Databases
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25. HHS grants forecast
  Subject: Health services administration -- United States -- Finance; Medical care -- United States -- Finance; Medicine -- United States -- Finance; Public health -- United States -- Finance; Federal aid to health planning -- United States
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