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UCI adopts Open Access Policy

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On July 24, 2013 the Academic Senate of the University of California (UC) passed an Open Access Policy ensuring that future research articles authored by UC faculty will be made available to the public at no charge.  The intent of the policy is to make research articles more easily and broadly discoverable and freely available to advance UC research to anyone in California or the world.

Beginning November 1, UCI faculty will begin depositing their published research articles to eScholarship, UC’s open access repository for faculty, staff and students. Articles will be available to the public without charge via eScholarship in tandem with their publication in scholarly journals. 

The UCI Libraries will take steps to notify many publishers about the policy and the license granted therein to UCI to make articles openly accessible. If publishers or faculty object to the terms of the policy, they can obtain a waiver or embargo and the policy says nothing about what journals faculty should publish in. The policy also seeks to raise awareness that there are other options for publication, including open access journals which will increase discovery and benefit the public and the future of research. 

The UC Open Access Policy is in line with the recently announced White House Office of Science and Technology Policy directive requiring “each Federal Agency with over $100 million in annual conduct of research and development expenditures to develop a plan to support increased public access to results of the research funded by the Federal Government.” 

The adoption of the UC Open Access policy across all ten UC campuses signals to scholarly publishers that open access, in terms defined by faculty and not by publishers, must be part of any future scholarly publishing system.  The faculty remains committed to working with publishers to transform the publishing landscape in ways that are sustainable and beneficial to both the University and the public.  

Learn more about the policy and its implementation here: http://osc.universityofcalifornia.edu/openaccesspolicy/ or contact Mitchell Brown, UCI Libraries Scholarly Communications Coordinator at mcbrown@uci.edu or 824.9732.