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Try the QR Code Project using your mobile phone!


QR Codes are placed in the Art, English, Chemistry and Math sections to boost your browsing experience.

QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes which can be scanned by a cell phone camera prompting the cell phone to load a webpage or display text contained in the code.

In order to make use of QR Codes you need:

  • A cell phone with a camera
  • QR Code reading software
    • Smartphones - search for "qr" in your application store (iTunes Store, Android Market, Blackberry App World, etc.)
    • Other phones with a camera - text a picture of a QR code to 43588 or email it to scan@scanlife.com.  You will get a reply with the URL.

Art:  3rd floor Langson Library

English:  3rd floor Langson Library 

Chemistry: 4th and 5th floors Ayala Science Library Drum and Bar

Math:  4th floor Ayala Science Library Bar