Southeast Asian Archive Newsletter

Fall Quarter 1997; Volume 7, No. 1

New Collections

During the summer the Southeast Asian Archive was fortunate to be the recipient of two sizable collections which further document the resettlement of Southeast Asian refugees in the United States.

Mitchell Bonner has given the Archive his collection of over 3000 photographs and slides documenting daily life and special events in Northern California's Southeast Asian communities. The images date from a 1975 Christmas party for Vietnamese refugees at San Francisco's International Student Center to a 1996 Lao New Year's celebration in Richmond. Among the scenes are a 1983 Khmu New Year's festival in Stockton, an undated Iu Mien ceremony for the one year anniversary of a death, a 1979 beach ceremony for Vietnamese refugees who died at sea, a 1979 Hmong wedding party, and a 1982 Khmer music and dance festival in San Francisco. This rich collection provides valuable visual documentation of the Southeast Asian refugee experience.

Dr. Van Le recently presented the Archive with approximately 500 items relating to Southeast Asian refugee resettlement from the 1970s through the 1990s. Included are Vietnamese and English language periodicals and materials from government and private agencies relating to the education, health care, and culture of the refugees. Representative titles are Bach Viet (Pontiac, Mich.), Journal of Refugee Resettle- ment; Hmong attitudes towards surgery, by Bruce Bliatout, Multnomah County, Oregon; Cambodians in America, Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations; A manual for Indochinese refugee education, 1976-1977. (Center for Applied Linguistics). Dr. Le's gift fills in a number of gaps in the Archive's holdings, as well as adding important new titles to the collection.

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Recent Gifts

Susan Antonini: Help seeking behavior and attitudes of Southeast Asian refugees, by A. Moon & N. Tashima, 1982; Indigenous healers in Southeast Asian refugee communities, by J. Egawa & N. Tashima, 1982; Southeast Asian health care: a cultural guide, Indochinese Cultural & Service Center, Portland, OR, 1982.

Cao Xuan L.: His Vet thuong ngay cu, Lang Van, 1997.

Carol Chai: Cherishing life, vol. 1-2, 1983 (Talmage, CA); The two Buddhist books in Mahayana, Taiwan, 1996; Kinh Dia-tang Bo-tat Bon-Nguyen, San Jose, 1997; Records of the life of the Venerable Master Hsuan Hua, Talmage, CA, 1981; Records of High Sanghans, v. 1, by Tripitaka Master Hua, Talmage, CA, 1983; Venerable Master Hua's Talks on Dharma, v.2, Burlingame, CA, 1994; Biographical sketch of the Elder Master Venerable Hsuan Noble Hua, Talmage, CA; Cam nang tu Çao, by Hoa Thuong Quang-Kham, Seattle; So luoc tieu su cua co Hoa thuong Tuyen Hoa, Talmage, 1996; Buddhism: a brief introduction, Talmage, CA, 1996.

Lien Doan: Vietnamese language periodicals on Scouting; Heritage (Vietnam Airlines), Jan./Feb & March/April 1995; Phat Hoc Phat Dan & Vu Lan, vols. 8/9, 1987; Thuong nho muoi hai, by Vu Bang, Ban Van Hoc, 1993; Nhung bi an ve cai chet cua Viet Nam, by Pham Kim Vinh Nguoi Viet, 1977; The politics of selfishness: Vietnam: the past as prologue, by Pham Kim Vinh, 1977; Viet-Nam van-hoa su cuong, by Dao Duy-Anh, Xuan Thu, 1976; pictorial scroll, wooden woman's shoes, ca. 1964.

Giao Hoang: Hoai-Bao Que Huong, vol. 1-3, 5-16, 1989-1995; Nho Hue, 1991-1992, 1994/1995; Vietnam Business Directory, 1986-1989; Vietnamese American community: a statistical & political perspective, by Cindy Quynh-Trang P. Nguyen, SEARC, 1994; Tu-ngu Çac-biet trong Çong-tu Anh-van, by Hoang Giao & Hoang Nang Oanh, 1990; Dat le que thoi, 1992; Bridging cultures: Southeast Asian refugees in America, 1983; Dac San Dai Le Phat Dan 2548, May 1996; five readers developed by the ESL AB Dept. of the International Catholic Migration Commission; Hoc DOS bang cach hay nhat, 1991; EEDC Micro Enterprise, March 1997.

Cuong Quy Huynh: Poverty among Southeast Asians in the United States, by Cuong Quy Huynh & Deanna L. Pagnini, rev. ed.,1997.

Vora Huy Kanthoul: His M.A. thesis, The question of representation of Cambodia and the United Nations General Assembly, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, 1981; Khmer culture: a history of Khmer roots civilization, by Nouth Kimsan Doeur, Cambodia Foundation, 1990; The Cambodian tragedy, by Rochelle Young and Vora Huy Kanthoul, United Cambodian Community, Inc., 1979; Suorsdey Magazine, 1:4 (1996).

Leah Finkelshteyn: Mason, Ruth. "In the same boat: Vietnamese-Israelis 20 years after." Hadassah Magazine, (June/July 1997), 16-19.

J. Joseph Errington, Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies: Vietnamese perspectives on the war in Vietnam: an annotated bibliography of works in English, by John C. Schafer, 1997.

Bernd Knoll: His M.A. thesis, Living on the edge: Vietnamese fishermen in Southern California, University of Southern California, 1997.

Dieu Dinh Le: Am vang cua Çat = echo of the land, recent works USA 1977, catalog of the paintings by Trinh Cung.

Le Xuan Khoa: Southeast Asia Resource Action Center Bi-Annual report for fiscal years 1994-1995.

David Kidd: Vietnamese and English language 1994 campaign materials relating to Tony Lam and Judge David Dutcher.

Nguyen Hung Cuong: Dan Chua (March 1997); Nguon Dao (May 1997); Ngay Nay (1 June 1997), Song Than (3 July 1997); Trai Tim Duc Me (January 1997); Viet DC (June 1997).

Khuong X. Nguyen: Giac-Ngo (August 1997); Giao Diem (Summer 1997); Dac San Dai Le Phat Dan Phat Lich 2541 (May 1997); Phat-Giao Viet-Nam (August 1997); Buddha's Light Newsletter (August 16, 1997); International Buddhist Progress Society Quarterly (Summer 1996); Nguyet San Giac Ngo (June 1997); Tuan Bao Giac Ngo (June 21, 28, 1997; Bo De Hai (no.33, 1997).

Thuy Linh Thi Nguyen & Dr. Quoc-Hung Tran: Donation of $50.00.

Isabelle Thuy Peland: Her essay: "Three women and a master." (Master Ching Hai Movement).

Thua Phong: His Than the va su nghiep cua thi si Te Nhi, 1996 edition.

Thanong Sithisombath: Siengkhaen Magazine (April 1997); Paxasinh Lao Monthly Magazine (January, April 1997).

Rev. Petrus Vu Dinh Trac: His book, Cong Giao Viet Nam Trong Truyen Thong Van Hoa Dan Toc, 1996.

Dr. Tran Si Lam: His Hoai niem, Noi buon sau lung, Xuan Thu, 1992; Cung mot mau ao, Xuan Thu, 1995; Nha khoa pho thong, Dong Van, 1994.

Mai Truong: Her M.A. project, Community assessment and cultural planning: a guide to the development of a Vietnamese community cultural center, UCLA, Spring 1997.

Minh Vuong & Nghi Tran: The Reflector (February & May 1997).

Thanks to all our donors for their generosity, and sincere apologies to anyone inadvertently omitted from this list.

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UCI Southeast Asian Student Groups

Cambodian Student Organization (CSO): Meets Thursdays, 6:00 PM, HH105. Contact: Thy Pech or V. Rak Seng, 714/708-3041;;

Hmong Students Association: Meets Thursdays, 7:00 PM, Crescent Bay A. Contact Chao, 714/509-0834; Tou Yee, 714/733-1095.

Laotian Thai Cultural Club (LTCC): Meets Monday, 5:00 PM, Cross Cultural Center. Contact: Shirley Sriyordsa, 714/660-1633.

Vietnamese American Coalition (VAC): Meets Thursdays, 7:30 PM, Emerald Bay C. Contact: Robert Nguyen, 714/428-2959.

Vietnamese Student Association: Meets every other Thursday, starting Oct. 2, 6:00 PM, Monarch Bay A. Contact: Son Vu, 714/266-9866.

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Fall Quarter VAC Activities

The 5th annual "Little Saigon Clean-Up" is scheduled for Saturday, November 22, 8:00-12:00 PM at the corner of Bolsa and Magnolia. Sponsored by the Vietnamese American Coalition, this community service event seeks to promote a sense of pride and social responsibility in the community.

Would you like to be a big brother or sister to a newly arrived high school student? Become a part of VAMP, VAC's Vietnamese American Mentorship Program. Contact VAMP coordinators Joy Tran at 714/839-2141 or 301-6732; Justin Bui at 714/273-4020 or 202-0345.

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New Student Assistants

Hoang-Quyen (Lisa) Nguyen: It is extremely difficult to convey one's self on paper. I considered drawing a self-portrait, but I'm a terrible artist. I then thought a poem would suffice, but unfortunately I'm a worse poet. So I stopped trying to be creative and decided to simply be honest.

I am a Vietnamese American woman who enjoys good conversation, spending time with my family and friends, reading, writing, rollerblading (although the slopes at UCI are not very fond of me), ice cream, Vietnamese food and day-dreaming. I was born in Virginia, a majestic state with many beauties (fireflies, autumn leaves, snow). I am a 4th year biological sciences major here at UCI. Currently I am a Clinical Trials Coordinator at the UCI Heart Disease Prevention Program. We work extensively with individuals who have hypertension and high cholesterol. This year I am a co-chair of the Vietnamese American Coalition (VAC). Our mission is to promote collective activism and voice issues pertaining to the Vietnamese American community. I am proud and lucky to be working at the Southeast Asian Archive.

Minh Tram Dao: Hi, I'm Minh Tram Dao and I'm a senior majoring in Psychology and Criminology. I have just returned from a year abroad, studying Psychology at Birmingham University in England. Studying abroad was both a challenging and exciting experience. I had the opportunity to immerse myself in British academic and social life. During the holidays I was able to walk along the canals in Venice, ride camels in Tangier, and watch a bull fight in Lisbon. Although living in Europe was fun, I'm happy to be back in Irvine where I can visit my family and friends. This year I'll be finishing up my criminology degree, working at the Archive, and planning events for VAC.

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Fall Quarter SEA/SEA American Classes

SS178D Vietnamese American Experience Tu 6:00-8:50 PM SSL270 Prof. Pham

Hist. 139W 20th Cent Vietnam Wars MWF 11:00 HH108 Prof. Woods

Hist. 172 Southeast Asia to 1500 MWF 9:00 HH118 Prof. Woods

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SEA Archive Recognized

On August 8, Orange County Refugee Day, Marilyn Brewer, member of the California State Assembly for the 70th District, presented the Southeast Asian Archive a certificate of recognition for "Outstanding service of providing assistance to the Orange County refugee population." Thank you Assemblywoman Brewer.

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New Major at UCI

Starting with Fall quarter 1997 it is now possible to major in Asian American Studies at UCI. It was just last year that a minor was established in the five year old program. UCI was the last UC campus to establish an Asian American Studies program, even though the Irvine campus has the highest proportion of undergraduates of Asian American or Pacific Islander descent among the nine University of California campuses. Gaining major status will allow the program to hire more faculty and offer more classes. At least fifteen to twenty students are expected to declare an Asian American Studies major during the 1997-1998 academic year.

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Vietnamese Perspectives on the War in Vietnam: An Annotated Bibliography of Works in English

This new work by John C. Schafer, Professor of English at Humboldt State University, will be welcomed and used by teachers and students, not only of the Vietnam War, but also those concerned with Vietnamese culture and Vietnamese American studies. By primarily focusing on works of literature, novels, short stories, autobiographies, the Vietnamese perspective on the war is made more understandable and meaningful to the reader.

The bibliography is arranged historically, starting with the colonial period and ending with Vietnamese exile narratives. Each section has an introductory section which gives historical and cultural background as well as recommendations for teaching the annotated works listed. Professor Schafer has done a great service by collecting these references together into one work and by placing them in meaningful context. This work belongs in libraries - academic, personal, and public - with interest in the Vietnam War and its wider historical setting.

Vietnamese Perspectives on the war in Vietnam is no. 17 in the Lac Viet series, published by the Yale University Council on Southeast Asia Studies. Cost is $18.00 plus $2.00 postage and handling. For more information contact the Yale Council on Southeast Asia Studies, P.O. Box 20806, New Haven, CT 06520; 203/432-3432;

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Hmong Studies Journal 2:1

The third issue of the Hmong Studies Journal will be available on the World Wide Web later this Fall at: Contents will include: The Hmong Qeej: Speaking to the Spirit World; The Thousand Year Myth, The Hmong Cultural Experience, Por Thao's Funeral, and Recent Research and Publications on the Hmong.

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Selected Recent Acquisitions

Chung, Rita Chi-Ying and Bemak, Fred. (1996). The effects of welfare status on psychological distress among Southeast Asian refugees. The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 184(6), 346-353.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Findings show that dependency on welfare creates long-term risk for psychological stress and the need for psychological stress and not just financial well-being to be considered in welfare policy.

Connors, Mary F. (1996). Lao textiles and traditions. Kuala Lumpur: Oxford University Press, 1996.
TT848 C6325 1996 Southeast Asian Archive
Covers preparation of cloth, use in daily life, religious ceremonies and rites of passage, and as clothing.

Hein, Jeremy. (1994). From migrant to minority: Hmong refugees and the social construction of identity in the United States. Sociological Inquiry 64, 281-306.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Discusses migrant and minority orientations on the part of Hmong refugees and their role in adaptating to U.S. society

Le, Tri H. (1993). A profile of Vietnamese youth on probation. M.A. thesis, California State University, Long Beach.
E184 V53 L4 1993 Southeast Asian Archiv
Descriptive profile based on a study of 27 Vietnamese and Chinese Vietnamese youth.

Lindell, Pamela Nanci. (1995). The Hmong of Eureka: a study of medical pluralism and social conflict. Master's thesis, University of Nevada, Reno.
RA448.5 H6 L56 1995a Southeast Asian Archive
Studies the use of traditional healing methods as a way of maintaining cultural and ethnic identity and their role in dealing with conflict between the Hmong and the dominant society.

Ngin, ChorSwang. (1996). Racism and racialized discourse on Asian Youth in Orange County. California Politics and Policy, 93-103.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Discuses the profile of Asian gang members based on attire, hairstyles, cars, etc. and the resulting racialization of Asian youths by police.

Palinkas, Lawrence A. and Pickwell, Sheila M. (1995). Acculturation as a risk factor for chronic disease among Cambodian refugees in the United States. Social Science and Medicine 40(12), 1643-1653.
Journal Articles and Book Chapters File
Uses four case studies of Cambodian refugees in San Diego to examine the process of acculturation.

Patch, Janis Hicks. (1995). Discourse patterns and practices of the Hmong acquiring literacy in Midville, California. Ph.D., dissertation, University of California, Berkeley.
Cataloging in Process
Studies patterns of oral language use and written language development in nine Hmong subjects: an elder, transition, and younger member representing three clans with different immigrant experiences.

Quintiliani, Karen. (1995). One of the girls: the social and cultural context of a Cambodian-American "Gay" group. M.A. thesis, California State University, Long Beach.
E184 K45 Q55 1995 Southeast Asian Archive
Ethnographic field study on crosscultural homosexuality; investigates how a group of Cambodian immigrant men have constructed a successful identity as both Cambodian and gay.

Vietnamese traditional water puppetry. (1996). 2nd ed. Hanoi: The Gioi.
PN1978 V5 N47 1996 Southeast Asian Archive
Discusses historical development, emergence of water puppetry guilds, illusions created by the stage made of water, characters, traditional stories and songs. Well illustrated.

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The UCI Library Southeast Asian Archive was established in 1987 to document the resettlement experiences of refugees and immigrants from Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam who have come to the United States since the end of the Vietnam War in 1975.

Donations of materials and funds are greatly appreciated. Materials from Southeast Asian individuals and organizations (e.g., newsletters, documents, personal stories, correspondence, reports photographs, posters, books, etc.) are particularly welcome.

The Southeast Asian Archive Newsletter is issued three times during the academic year. It is available also on the worldwide web at

For more information about the collection or to put your name on the mailing list for the newsletter, please contact Anne Frank, Southeast Asian Archive, UC Irvine Library, P.O. Box 19557, Irvine, CA 92623-9557; 949/824-4968 (phone); 949/824-5740 (fax);

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