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1.  Agricola
Citations and abstracts for articles from over 600 periodicals, as well as USDA and state experiment station and extension publications, and selected books on agriculture, animal husbandry, animal and human nutrition, forestry, plant pathology, plant science, human ... read more
  Subject: Veterinary medicine -- Bibliography; Veterinary medicine -- Indexes; Human ecology -- Bibliography; Human ecology -- Indexes; Sociology, Rural -- Bibliography; Sociology, Rural -- Indexes; Food -- Bibliography; Food -- Indexes; Nutrition -- Bibliography;
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2.  The Arabidopsis book
TAB in its initial stage is a compilation of over 100 invited chapters, each reviewing in detail an important and interesting aspect of the plant Arabidopsis thaliana, with reference to what is known in other plants and ... read more
  Subject: Plants, Medicinal; Arabidopsis -- physiology; Arabidopsis thaliana
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3.  California pesticide information portal CalPIP / Department of Pesticide Regulation
Consists of a data warehouse that serves up pesticide data produced, maintained, and used by a variety of programs within the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR). Results can be displayed as graphs or tables or as maps ... read more
  Subject: Pesticides -- California -- Databases
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4.  Colloquium digital library of life sciences
An information service for the research, development, and educational community in life sciences. Will contain 6 series consisting of Biotechnology, Cell biology of medicine, Developing brain, Developmental biology, Integrated systems physiology, from molecule to function to disease, ... read more
  Subject: Life sciences
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5.  Columbia earthscape an online resource on the global environment
Provides full-text information resources related to education and research in the earth sciences and public policy with material contributed and selected by scholars and research institutions. Contains daily news service and the online journal Earth Affairs magazine. ... read more
  Subject: Environmental policy; Earth sciences; Environmental sciences
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6.  The Congressional Research Service reports
NLE has put on-line over 1200 CRS documents related to the environment, agriculture, and natural resources
  Subject: Natural resources; Agriculture; Environmental protection; Environmental policy
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7.  Current protocols in bioinformatics Andreas D. Baxevanis ... [et al.]
  Subject: Sequence Homology -- Laboratory Manuals; Sequence Analysis -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Proteins -- analysis -- Laboratory Manuals; Databases, Genetic -- Laboratory Manuals; Computational Biology -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Base Sequence -- Lab
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8.  Current protocols in cell biology editorial board, Juan S. Bonifacino ... [et al.]
  Subject: Cytological Techniques; Cytology -- Laboratory manuals
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9.  Current protocols in cytometry
  Subject: Molecular Biology -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Cytological Techniques -- Laboratory Manuals; Cell Separation -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Image Cytometry -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Flow Cytometry -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Molecula
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10.  Current protocols in human genetics editorial board, Jonathan L. Haines ... [et al.]
  Subject: Genetic Techniques; Human genetics -- Laboratory manuals
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11.  Current protocols in immunology
... provides comprehensive coverage of immunological methods from classic to the most cutting edge: the most sophisticated protocols in immunology today.
  Subject: Immunologic Techniques; Immunology -- Laboratory manuals
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12.  Current protocols in microbiology
  Subject: Laboratory Infection -- prevention & control -- Laboratory Manuals; Containment of Biohazards -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Microbiological Techniques -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Microbiology -- Technique; Microbiology -- Laboratory manuals
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13.  Current protocols in molecular biology edited by Frederick M. Ausubel ... [et al.]
A compilation of protocols for molecular biology experimental proceedures
  Subject: Molecular Biology -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Molecular biology -- Laboratory manuals; Molecular biology -- Technique
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14.  Current protocols in nucleic acid chemistry edited by Serge L. Beaucage ... [et al.]
  Subject: Nucleic Acids -- chemical synthesis -- Laboratory Manuals; Nucleic acids -- Laboratory manuals
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15.  Current protocols in protein science
A compilation of laboratory methods, protocols, and techniques in protein science. Subjects are organized by chapters and sections, and protocols are contained in units
  Subject: Genetic Techniques; Immunologic Techniques; Molecular Biology -- Laboratory Manuals; Proteins -- Laboratory manuals
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16.  Directory of licensed nurseries
  Subject: Nurseries (Horticulture) -- Law and legislation -- California; Nurseries (Horticulture) -- California -- Directories
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17.  Ecology abstracts
Indexes journal articles, books & other sources on climate impact, conservation, ecosystems, erosion, food chains, habitats, land reclamation, pollution, soil, water resources, etc. Focuses on interactions between organisms their environments. Coverage from 1982 forward
  Subject: Ecology -- Indexes; Ecology -- Abstracts
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18.  The encyclopedia of earth content, credibility, community
An electronic reference about the earth, its natural environments, and their interaction with society. The encyclopedia is a free, fully searchable collection of articles written by scholars, professionals, educators, and experts who collaborate and review each other's ... read more
  Subject: Nature -- Effect of human beings on -- Encyclopedias; Ecology -- Encyclopedias; Environmental sciences -- Encyclopedias
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19.  Encyclopedia of global change edited by Andrew S. Goudie
Encompassing tsunamis, elephant conservation, ocean pollution, mining regulation, and permafrost melt, the 300 authoritative articles in this unique and wide-ranging encyclopedia investigate all types of phenomena that change life on Earth. The entries cover a range of ... read more
  Subject: Global environmental change -- Social aspects -- Encyclopedias; Nature -- Effect of human beings on -- Encyclopedias; Global environmental change -- Encyclopedias
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20.  Environmental sciences & pollution management
Provides citations and abstracts to the literature of the environmental sciences. The citations describe journal articles, conference proceedings, technical reports, monographs and selected books and patents
  Subject: Environmental sciences -- Abstracts -- Databases; Environmental sciences -- Databases
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21.  Faculty of 1000 Biology Reports Ltd
Reviews the most interesting papers published in the biological sciences, based on the recommendations of a faculty of well over 1000 selected leading researchers
  Subject: Biology -- Bibliography; Biology -- Abstracts
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22.  Fire and Resource Assessment Program
  Subject: Wildfires -- California -- Prevention and control -- Maps; Wildfires -- California -- Prevention and control; Environmental policy -- California; Landscape assessment -- California; Natural resources -- California -- Management
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23.  Global plants
JSTOR Global Plants offers access to botanical resources from dozens of herbaria, libraries, museums and other research institutions. The database includes plant type specimens from herbaria around the world, scientific research articles and correspondence dating back hundreds ... read more
  Subject: Botanists -- Correspondence; Botanical illustration -- Databases; Botanical specimens -- Databases; Botany -- Periodicals -- Databases
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24.  The international plant names index IPNI
The International Plant Names Index (IPNI) is a database of the names and associated basic bibliographical details of all seed plants. Its goal is to eliminate the need for repeated reference to primary sources for basic bibliographic ... read more
  Subject: Plants -- Classification; Plants -- Nomenclature
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25.  MedPhyt the medicinal plants database / provided by the Beilstein-Institut
A database of medicinal plants with proven pharmaceutical use. Each entry includes plant names, description, photos, chemical facts, etymology, geography, biochemistry, pharmacology, and toxicology information
  Subject: Botany, Medical; Medicinal plants -- Databases
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