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1.  AccessScience
Full access to 7100+ articles, 115,000 dictionary terms, and hundreds of Research Updates in all areas of science and technology updated daily. Also includes over 2000 biographies of leading scientists, weekly updates of breakthroughs and discoveries in ... read more
  Subject: Technology -- Encyclopedias; Science -- Encyclopedias
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2.  ACM digital library
This site provides access to tables of contents, abstracts, reviews, and full text of every article ever published by ACM and bibliograhic citations from major publishers in computing
  Subject: Engineering -- Databases; Information technology -- Databases; Computer science literature -- Databases; Electronic data processing -- Databases; Information storage and retrieval systems -- Databases; Computers -- Databases; Computer science -- Databases
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3.  ACM guide to computing literature
The Guide is a collection of bibliographic citations and abstracts of works published by ACM and other publishers. Citations for all ACM published works are included in the Guide as a small subset of the total bibliographic ... read more
  Subject: Computers -- Indexes; Electronic data processing -- Indexes; Computer science literature -- Indexes
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4.  Acta chemica Scandinavica, 1947-1999
Web site archives the issues of the following journal titles, accessible by browsing issues or searching: Acta chemica Scandinavica [1947-1973] Acta chemica Scandinavica. Series A, and Acta chemica Scandinavica. Series B [1974-1988] and Acta chemica Scandinavica (Copenhagen, ... read more
  Subject: Chemistry; Chemistry, Physical and theoretical; Biochemistry; Chemistry, Organic
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5.  arXiv.org
An e-print service which presents papers in physics, mathematics, nonlinear science, computer science, quantitative biology, and statistics. arXiv.org is a fully automated electronic archive and distribution server for research papers which functions as a means of communicating ... read more
  Subject: Biology, Experimental -- Manu; Computer science -- Manuscripts -- Databases; Nonlinear theories -- Manuscripts -- Databases; Mathematics -- Manuscripts -- Databases; Physics -- Manuscripts -- Databases; Mathematical physics -- Manuscripts -- Databases; At
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6.  CHEMnetBASE chemical databases online
  Subject: Physics -- Tables; Chemistry -- Tables; Polymers -- Dictionaries; Chemistry -- Dictionaries
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7.  Collected algorithms Association for Computing Machinery
The Collected Algorithms(CALGO) is part of a family of publications produced by the ACM. Background Software associated with papers published in the Transactions on Mathematical Software, as well as other ACM journals are incorporated in CALGO. This ... read more
  Subject: Algorithms -- Computer network resources; Computer algorithms
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8.  The combined chemical dictionary
The combined chemical dictionary is a structured database holding information on chemical substances. It includes descriptive and numerical data on chemical, physical and biological properties of compounds systematic and common names of compounds literature references structure diagrams ... read more
  Subject: Chemical tests and reagents -- Dictionaries; Drugs -- Dictionaries; Organometallic compounds -- Dictionaries; Natural products -- Dictionaries; Inorganic compounds -- Dictionaries; Organic compounds -- Dictionaries; Chemistry -- Dictionaries -- Databases
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9.  Conference papers index
Provides citations to papers and poster sessions presented at major scientific meetings around the world. Subject emphasis since 1995 has been in the life sciences, environmental sciences and the aquatic sciences, while older material also covers physics, ... read more
  Subject: Chemistry -- Congresses -- Indexes; Biology -- Congresses -- Indexes; Science -- Congresses -- Indexes
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10.  Conference proceedings citation index. Science (CPCI-S)
This citation index covers conference literature in all scientific and technical fields
  Subject: Technology -- Congresses -- Indexes; Science -- Congresses -- Indexes
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11.  Current chemical reactions (CCR-Expanded)
Contains single- and multi-step new synthetic methods. The overall reaction flow is provided for each method, along with a detailed and accurate graphical representation of each reaction step
  Subject: Chemistry -- Abstracts; Chemical reactions; Chemical reactions -- Abstracts; Organic compounds -- Synthesis; Organic compounds -- Synthesis -- Abstracts
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12.  Current index to statistics
The Current Index to Statistics is a bibliographic index to publications in statistics and related fields. References are drawn from 162 core journals (as of 2003) that are fully indexed, non-core journals from which articles are selected ... read more
  Subject: Statistics -- Indexes; Mathematical statistics -- Indexes
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13.  Data citation index
Indexes research data, including data studies and data sets, and links them to the scientific literature to track data citation
  Subject: Bibliographical citations -- Statistics -- Databases; Social sciences -- Periodicals -- Databases; Science -- Periodicals -- Databases
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14.  Data Curation Profiles directory
The purpose of the Data Curation Profiles (DCP) Directory is to enable authors of completed DCPS to publish their work in ways that recognize the scholarship of crafting a DCP, and support the discovery, access and use ... read more
  Subject: Data libraries -- Directories; Research -- Data processing -- Directories
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15.  Dekker encyclopedia of nanoscience and nanotechnology edited by James A. Schwarz, Cristian I. Contescu, Karol Putyera
Identifies current challenges and development paths in nanotechnology that will influence fields ranging from materials and surface science, chemistry, and biomedicine to computer technology, information processing, and mechanical, optical, and electrical engineering by examining the design, application, ... read more
  Subject: Science -- Encyclopedias; High technology -- Encyclopedias; Nanotechnology -- Encyclopedias
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16.  The dictionary of commonly cited compounds
A database contining concise chemical and bibliographic data of 25,000 compounds most commonly used by chemists. Covers organic compounds, inorganic compounds, drugs, natural products, materials, alloys, and the elements and their isotopes
  Subject: Organic Chemicals -- Dictionary -- English; Inorganic Chemicals -- Dictionary -- English; Biological Factors -- Dictionary -- English; Pharmaceutical Preparations -- Dictionary -- English; Drugs -- Dictionaries; Natural products -- Dictionaries; Inorganic
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17.  Dictionary of inorganic & organometallic compounds chemical databases online
Over 55,000 entries. Includes descriptive and numerical data on chemical, physical and biological properties of compound systematic and common names of compounds literature references structure diagrams with their associated connection tables --Help screen
  Subject: Organometallic compounds -- Databases; Inorganic compounds -- Databases; Chemistry, Inorganic -- Databases
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18.  Dictionary of marine natural products
The Dictionary of Marine Natural Products is a comprehensive database containing over 30,000 compounds. It is a subset of the Dictionary of Natural Products (DNP) database. DNP is an ongoing project based on a 25-year review of ... read more
  Subject: Chemical oceanography -- Databases; Marine natural products -- Databases
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19.  Dictionary of natural products
A comprehensive database of 170,000 natural products which includes: names and synonyms, formulae, chemical structures, CAS Registry Numbers, extensive source data, uses and applications, physical state, melting point, boiling point, pKa, and key literature citations, as well ... read more
  Subject: Natural products -- Dictionaries
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20.  DOE information bridge
Site provides free, convenient, and quick access to full-text DOE research and development in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental cleanup, energy technologies, and other topics includes the full-text and bibliographic records of DOE-sponsored report literature produced by ... read more
  Subject: Power resources -- United States -- Information services -- Computer network resources; Power resources -- Research -- United States -- Computer network resources
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21.  DOE reports bibliographic database
DOE bibliographic database contains citations for all Dept. of Energy (DOE) sponsored scientific and technical reports sent to the Government Printing Office (G.P.O.) Depository Libraries, covering the period of Jan. 1, 1994 to the present. Current DOE ... read more
  Subject: Power (Mechanics) -- Bibliography; Power resources -- Bibliography
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22.  E-EROS encyclopedia of reagents for organic synthesis
Contains a database of approximately 70,000 reactions and 4000 of the most frequently consulted reagents. Fully searchable by structure and sub-structure, reagent, reaction type, experimental conditions, and keyword. Also includes a searchable interface: Acronym finder (an interface ... read more
  Subject: Organic compounds -- Synthesis -- Encyclopedias; Chemical tests and reagents -- Encyclopedias
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23.  Earth science world ImageBank American Geological Institute
The ImageBank provides quality geoscience/earth science images. The archive may be browsed by categories, such as volcanoes, structures, weather, lakes, etc., or searched by key word or location. All images available to the public have been indexed ... read more
  Subject: Earth sciences -- Photographs
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24.  The ECS digital library
  Subject: Chemistry; Electronics; Electronics -- Materials; Solid state electronics; Electrochemistry
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25.  Fieser and Fieser's reagents for organic synthesis
Online database version of the standard reference work describing reagents of use to organic chemists
  Subject: Chemical tests and reagents; Organic compounds -- Synthesis
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