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1.  Academic conferences in China ACIC
A comprehensive database of academic conferences in China. The database provides dynamic and timely information on research outputs on issues that are mostly related to China. It contains full-text papers, or abstracts and other descriptive information of ... read more
  Subject: China -- Databases; Congresses and conventions -- China -- Databases
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2.  Academic search complete
A scholarly, multidisciplinary database providing indexing and abstracts for over 10,000 publications, including monographs, reports, conference proceedings, and others. Also includes full-text access to over 5,000 journals. Offers coverage of many areas of academic study including: archaeology, ... read more
  Subject: Science -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Education -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Social sciences -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Humanities -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Periodicals -- Abstracts; Periodicals -- Indexes
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3.  Accessible archives
A site devoted to primary source material in American history. Information archived is from leading historical periodicals and books, and includes eyewitness accounts of historical events, vivid descriptions of daily life, editorial observations, commerce as seen through ... read more
  Subject: Philadelphia (Pa.) -- Newspapers -- Databases; United States -- History -- Colonial period, ca. 1600-1775 -- Newspapers -- Databases; United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Newspapers -- Databases; American newspapers -- 19th century -- Datab
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4.  Alternative press index archive
Index of journals (1969-1990) covering cultural, economic, political & social change. ; Comprehensive guide to alternative sources of information published from 1969-1990. Coverage is international and interdisciplinary. Indexes alternative, radical and left periodicals, newspapers and magazines. Provides ... read more
  Subject: Radicalism -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Underground press publications -- Indexes
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5.  AltPressIndex
Includes alternative, radical, and left periodicals, newspapers, and magazines. The index is international and interdisciplinary, spanning the social sciences and humanities, with its central focus on the practice and theory of socialism, national liberation, labor, indigenous peoples, ... read more
  Subject: Social change -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Radicalism -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Underground press publications -- Indexes
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6.  America's news magazines
Full text of popular magazines (27 titles with varying coverage, some as far back as 1991- to the present, covering topics such as U.S. and international news, business, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, and science and technology
  Subject: American periodicals -- Indexes; American periodicals
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7.  American periodicals series online, 1740-1900
Consists of digitized reproductions of more than 1,100 eighteenth and nineteenth century newspapers and periodicals in the original microfilm reproduction series, American periodical series, I, II, and III. When completed in 2003, this database will have more ... read more
  Subject: American periodicals -- Databases
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8.  Annual reviews
Provides searchable abstracts and full-text access to articles in the biomedical sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences
  Subject: Social sciences; Physical sciences; Medical sciences
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9.  Apabi shu zi zi yuan ping tai. Dian zi tu shu
  Subject: Electronic books -- Databases; Electronic books -- China -- Databases
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10.  Apabi shu zi zi yuan ping tai. Gong ju shu ku
  Subject: Electronic information resources -- China -- Databases; Reference books -- China -- Databases; Reference books, Chinese -- China -- Databases
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11.  Apabi shu zi zi yuan ping tai. Nian jian ku
  Subject: Yearbooks -- China -- Databases
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12.  ArticleFirst
Contains bibliographic citations describing items listed on the table of contents pages of more than 16,000 journals in science, technology, medicine, social science, business, the humanities, and popular culture
  Subject: Periodicals -- Indexes
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The Arctic Science and Technology Information System (ASTIS) database contains over 60,000 records describing publications and research projects about northern Canada. ASTIS is maintained by the Arctic Institute of North America at the University of Calgary, and ... read more
  Subject: Arctic regions -- Bibliography; Canada, Northern -- Bibliography
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14.  Bibliography of American literature
The Bibliography of American Literature (9 vols, Yale University Press, 1955-1991) provides nearly 40,000 records of literary works of approximately 300 American writers from the period of the Revolution to 1930 --About BAL
  Subject: American literature -- Bibliography
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15.  Bibliography of British and Irish history
The Bibliography of British and Irish History (BBIH) provides bibliographic data on historical writing dealing with the British Isles, and with the British Empire and Commonwealth, during all periods for which written documentation is available - from ... read more
  Subject: London (England) -- History -- Bibliography; Ireland -- History -- Bibliography; Great Britain -- History -- Bibliography
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16.  Biography and genealogy master index
Biography and Genealogy Master Index (BGMI) indexes current, readily available reference sources for bibliographies, as well as important retrospective works that cover individuals, both living and deceased, from every field of activity and from all areas of ... read more
  Subject: United States -- Genealogy -- Indexes; United States -- Biography -- Indexes; Genealogy -- Indexes; Biography -- Indexes
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17.  Book citation index. Science (BKCI-S)
The Book Citation Index is designed to enhance the powerful discovery and analysis capabilities of Web of Knowledge by incorporating comprehensive book citation data. Researchers can search for and identify the most relevant and esteemed literature along ... read more
  Subject: Science -- Indexes
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18.  Book review digest retrospective
Indexes and abstracts reviews of English language adult and juvenile fiction and non-fiction titles. Reviews are selected from journals in the humanities, sciences, social sciences and library review media
  Subject: Books -- Reviews -- Abstracts; Books -- Reviews -- Indexes
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19.  C19, the nineteenth century index
  Subject: United States -- Imprints -- 19th century; Great Britain -- Imprints -- 19th century; Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 19th century -- Sources; United States -- History -- 19th century -- Sources -- Indexes; Great Britain -- History -- 19th cen
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20.  The Cambridge companions complete collection
Presents searchable electronic access to the entire Cambridge Companions series, including two sub-collections: Cambridge Companions to Literature and Classics, and: Cambridge Companions to Philosophy, Religion, and Culture. Contains full text of over 2700 downloadable essays in PDF ... read more
  Subject: Religion; Philosophy; Civilization, Classical; Literature -- History and criticism
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21.  Catalogue of digitized medieval manuscripts
The Catalogue of digitized medieval manuscripts offers a simple and straightforward means to discover medieval manuscripts available on the web. Very much a work in progress, the database will initially provide links to hundreds of manuscripts, which ... read more
  Subject: Manuscripts, Medieval -- Catalogs
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22.  CCILA catlogo colectivo de impresos Latinamericanos hasta 1851
CCILA, when complete, will provide digital access (image and text) to all Latin American imprints to 1851. It is a large-scale cooperative effort, designed to involve every library in Europe, the Americas, or the Philippines possessing relevant ... read more
  Subject: Philippines -- History -- Sources; Latin America -- History -- Sources; Digital libraries; Union catalogs -- Philippines; Union catalogs -- Latin America
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23.  China academic journals
Full-text database of Chinese journals published in China. The journals are categorized under ten series: mathematics/physics/mechanics/astronomy (Series A), chemistry/metallurgy/environment/mine industry (Series B), architecture/energy/traffic/electro mechanics, etc. (Series C), agriculture (Series D), medicine & public health (Series E), literature/history/philosophy ... read more
  Subject: Chinese periodicals -- China -- Databases
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24.  China online journals COJ
Full-text database of Chinese and English journals published in China after 1997. The journals are categorized into 8 collections: Art & humanities, Business & economics, Law & politics, Social sciences, Health/medicine/biology, Fundamental sciences, Science & technology, and ... read more
  Subject: China
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25.  Chinamaxx digital libraries Zhong wen ji xian / [Beijing Superstar Information Technology Co. ]
  Subject: China -- Imprints -- Databases; Chinese imprints -- Databases
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