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226.  Software patents Gregory A. Stobbs
This title gives the process for drafting software patent specifications and claims into manageable segments. It shows how to draft accurate, complete patent applications, and discusses what a software patent is and the legal protection it offers
  Subject: Patent laws and legislation -- United States; Software protection -- Law and legislation -- United States; Computer programs -- Patents
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227.  SourceOECD. International development
  Subject: Economic assistance -- Statistics -- Databases; Debts, External -- OECD countries -- Statistics -- Databases
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228.  SourceOECD. International migration statistics
  Subject: Emigration and immigration -- OECD countries -- Statistics -- Databases; Emigration and immigration -- Statistics -- Databases
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229.  SourceOECD. Revenue statistics of OECD member countries
  Subject: Taxation -- OECD countries -- Statistics -- Databases; Revenue -- OECD countries -- Statistics -- Databases
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230.  Sources of compiled legislative histories a bibliography of government documents, periodical articles and books, 1st Congress-... / compiled by Nancy P. Johnson
The Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories Database is derived from the looseleaf publication Sources of Compiled Legislative Histories: A Bibliography of Government Documents, Periodical Articles, and Books by Nancy P. Johnson, Law Librarian and Professor of Law ... read more
  Subject: Legislative histories -- United States -- Bibliography
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231.  Special needs trusts planning, drafting, and administration / Leslie Ann Barnett ... [et al.]
[A] comprehensive manual for attorneys and trustees on planning, drafting, and administering special needs trusts. Planning for persons with disabilities has become increasingly important over the past decade. Because of medical advances, persons with disabilities are living ... read more
  Subject: People with disabilities -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- United States; People with disabilities -- Legal status, laws, etc. -- California; Trusts and trustees -- United States; Trusts and trustees -- California
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232.  Spinelli's law librarian's reference shelf
A collection of reference works and tools for law librarians including bibliographies, research guides, journals and magazines related to law librarianship, cataloging references, dictionaries and the GreenSlips bibliography of forthcoming titles in law and related fields
  Subject: Cataloging of legal literature -- United States; Law libraries -- United States; Legal research -- United States; Law -- United States -- Bibliography
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233.  Standard federal tax reporter
Contains full-text Code and regulations plus court decisions, Tax Court cases rulings, and CCH explanations
  Subject: Excess profits tax -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Databases; Income tax -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Databases; Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Databases
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234.  State Attorney General reports and opinions
Searchable database which includes the official opinions of the State Attorneys General
  Subject: Administrative law -- United States -- States; Attorneys general's opinions -- United States -- States
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235.  State budget offices [web site]
  Subject: State governments -- Officials and employees -- Directories; Budget -- United States -- States -- Directories
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236.  State reports, a historical archive
Full-text searchable database of state court opinions for all fifty states in the U.S
  Subject: Law reports, digests, etc. -- United States -- States
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237.  State tax reporters
  Subject: Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States -- States -- Cases; Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States -- States -- Digests
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238.  Statewide database reports & documentation
The Statewide Database (SWDB) is the redistricting database for the state of California. The database merges voter registration and election returns to census data which consists of population data, including the race and ethnicity of the respondents. ... read more
  Subject: Election districts -- California; Voter registration -- California -- Statistics -- Databases; Primaries -- California -- Statistics -- Databases; Elections -- California -- Statistics -- Databases
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239.  Tax Foundation archive publications
This collection provides convenient access to the complete archive of the Tax Foundation's publications, which contain information on taxation, fiscal policy, finance and more. No other fiscal organization in the country enjoys the respect and reputation for ... read more
  Subject: Fiscal policy -- United States; Finance -- United States; Finance, Public -- United States; Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States; Taxation -- United States
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240.  Tax treaties
Tax Treaties provides specialized coverage of the income and estate tax treaties which the United States has made with foreign countries for the alleviation of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion. Its purpose is to ... read more
  Subject: Income tax -- United States; Double taxation -- United States -- Treaties
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241.  Taxation & economic reform in America, Parts I & II, 1781-2012
Searchable database which provides access to tax regulations, laws, and hundreds of legislative histories dating back to the 1700s. Search options include browse searching, full-text searching, and limiting by topic to retrieve documents on taxation or economic ... read more
  Subject: United States -- Economic policy; Economic development -- United States; Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States
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242.  Trade regulation reporter
Trade Regulations Reporter: Provides a comprehensive resource covering the federal and state antitrust laws and federal consumer protection laws. It includes full text and analysis of laws, rules, guidelines, government enforcement activity, and private antitrust litigation. The ... read more
  Subject: Trade regulation -- United States
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243.  Trade secrets practice in California authors, Lisa E. Alexander ... [et al.] consulting editors, James H.A. Pooley, Peter C. Pang edited by CEB attorneys, Wendy L. Brown, Cherri N. Allison, Donald R. Briggs
  Subject: Trade secrets -- California
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244.  TradeLawGuide
TradeLawGuide is a WTO research product. Use TradeLawGuide to search WTO agreements, instruments, jurisprudence, and Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) minutes. TradeLawGuide includes article and jurisprudence citators that allow you to update WTO law, and a Subject Navigator ... read more
  Subject: Commercial treaties -- Databases; International trade -- Databases; Foreign trade regulation -- Databases
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245.  Transferring invention rights effective and enforceable contracts / byJerome Rosenstock
Provides guidance to general contract law geared to IP, licenses, assignments, and other invention-related transactions. Taking a step-by-step approach to drafting agreements for the transfer of invention rights, it shows everything from offers to acceptance of the ... read more
  Subject: License agreements -- United States -- Forms; Patent licenses -- United States -- Forms; Inventions -- United States; License agreements -- United States; Patent assignments -- United States; Patent licenses -- United States
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246.  Transferring property without probate
  Subject: Decedents' estates -- Taxation -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc; Probate law and practice -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc; Decedents' estates -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
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247.  Treaties, etc
  Subject: United States -- Foreign relations -- Treaties; Treaties -- Collections
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248.  U.S. Congressional serial set
Database of texts from the bound, sequentially numbered volumes of all the reports, documents, and journals of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. Texts constitute a rich source of primary source material on all aspects of ... read more
  Subject: United States -- Politics and government -- Databases
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249.  U.S. federal agency documents, decisions, and appeals
Searchable database of the complete collection of the official case law of some of the United States' most important U.S. federal agencies
  Subject: Delegated legislation -- United States -- Databases; Law reports, digests, etc. -- United States -- Databases; Law -- United States -- Databases
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250.  U.S. master depreciation guide
  Subject: Depreciation allowances -- Law and legislation -- United States
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