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51. California real estate finance practice strategies and forms / authors, Michael T. Andrew ... [et al.] edited by CEB attorneys Janice LaRoche Blanchette ... [et al.]
  Subject: Real estate business -- Law and legislation -- California; Real estate investment -- Finance -- Law and legislation -- California; Mortgages -- California
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52. California real property remedies and damages authors, M. Steven Andersen ... [et al.]
  Subject: Remedies (Law) -- California; Actions and defenses -- California; Vendors and purchasers -- California
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53. California real property sales transactions CEB attorney editors Janis L. Blanchette, managing editor... [et al.]
  Subject: Real property -- California; Vendors and purchasers -- California
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54. California Subdivision Map Act and the development process author, Daniel J. Curtin, Robert E. Merritt contributing editor, Lisa D. Weil project manager, Janis LaRoche Blanchette
  Subject: City planning and redevelopment law -- California; Land subdivision -- Law and legislation -- California
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55. California summary judgment authors: Stephen G. Blitch ... [et al.] consultants: Mary N. Abbott ... [et.al.] CEB attorney editor: Norma Piatt
  Subject: Pleading -- California; Motions (Law) -- California; Summary judgments -- California
Antpac Record

56. California title insurance practice authors, Alice L. Akawie... [et al.]
  Subject: Title insurance -- California
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57. California tort damages authors, Mary E. Wiss, Paul Peyrat
  Subject: Torts -- California; Damages -- California
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58. California tort guide William B. Boone, Paul Peyrat
  Subject: Torts -- California
Antpac Record

59. California trial practice civil procedure during trial / edited by Linda Compton ... [et al.]
  Subject: Civil procedure -- California; Trial practice -- California
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60. California trust and probate litigation planned and edited by Dominic J. Campisi, Thomas W. Latham authors, David W. Baer ... [et al.] project manager, Janette Tom
  Subject: Probate law and practice -- California; Trusts and trustees -- California
Antpac Record

61. California uninsured motorist practice Tod M. Castronovo ... [et al.] project manager, Norma Piatt
  Subject: Uninsured motorist insurance -- Law and legislation -- California
Antpac Record

62. California wage and hour law and litigation / authors, Aashish Y. Desai ... [et al.] CEB attorney editors, David Peyerwold Managing editor, Matt Mandelbaum
  Subject: Labor laws and legislation -- California; Hours of labor -- Law and legislation -- California; Wages -- Law and legislation -- California
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63. California will drafting edited by CEB attorneys, Pamela J. Jester, supervising attorney Carine M. Archer ... [et al.]
  Subject: Wills -- California
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64. California workers' compensation practice
  Subject: Workers' compensation -- Law and legislation -- California
Antpac Record

65. CBA record
  Subject: Law -- Illinois; Bar associations -- Illinois -- Chicago
Antpac Record

66. CCH federal tax weekly
  Subject: Taxation -- United States -- Cases; Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States
Antpac Record

67. Centro de documentacin y archivo para la defensa de los derechos humanos CDyA
The full Archive of the the Centro de Documentacin y Archivo para la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (CdyA) contains internal records produced by the Paraguayan security forces during the Stroessner regime, which was in power from ... read more
  Subject: Paraguay -- History -- 1938-1989 -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs; Paraguay -- Politics and government -- 1954-1989 -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs; Political prisoners -- Paraguay -- Sources -- Bibliography -- Catalogs; Human rights -- Parag
Antpac Record

68. Checkpoint
Comprehensive tax and accounting research database covering tax and accounting laws and news on the international, federal, state and local levels. Provides access to a variety of primary sources including the Internal Revenue Code and U.S. tax ... read more
  Subject: Business enterprises -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Databases; Income tax -- Law and legislation -- United States -- States -- Databases; Income tax -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Databases; Accounting -- Law and legislation -- Uni
Antpac Record

69. CJER felony sentencing handbook
  Subject: Sentences (Criminal procedure) -- California; Sentences (Criminal procedure) -- California -- Outlines, syllabi, etc
Antpac Record

70. CJER mandatory criminal jury instructions handbook
  Subject: Criminal procedure -- California; Jury instructions -- California
Antpac Record

71. Comintern electronic archives lektronny arkhiv Kominterna
The Communist, or Third, International (COMINTERN) was founded in early 1919 by Lenin as an international revolutionary proletarian party. ... The COMINTERN archives contain 55 million pages of original documents in almost 90 languages, covering the whole ... read more
  Subject: Communism -- History -- Sources
Antpac Record

72. Complete plans for small and mid-size estates authors, Richard A. Burger ... [et al.] edited by CEB publications attorneys project manager, Mary Gerber, Janette Tom
  Subject: Estate planning -- California
Antpac Record

73. Comptroller's licensing manual Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of the National Banks
  Subject: Banking law -- United States; National banks (United States)
Antpac Record

74. Condemnation practice in California authors, Norman E. Matteoni, Henry Veit project manager, Ann H. Davis
  Subject: Eminent domain -- California
Antpac Record

75. The Constitution of the United States of America: analysis and interpretation annotations of cases decided by the Supreme Court of the United States / prepared by the Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress
Provides syntheses of US Supreme Court decisions pinpointing core constitutional issues. Includes the body of the Constitution, the twenty-seven amendments, a historical accounting of seminal court rulings, and supplements
  Subject: Constitutional history -- United States; Constitutional law -- United States
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