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26.  Communication studies a SAGE full-text collection
Includes the full-text of 19 journals published by SAGE and participating societies, encompassing over 12,800 articles and up to 52 years of backfiles. It covers such subjects as Journalism, Public Opinion, Political Communication, Mass Communication, Interpersonal Communication, ... read more
  Subject: Oratory; Telecommunication; Journalism; Communication
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27.  Contemporary literary criticism
  Subject: Literature, Modern -- 20th century -- History and criticism
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28.  CRCnetBASE
CRCnetBASE provides full-text access to CRC Press reference books via a number of sub-databases. The netBASE line includes ENGnetBASE, CHEMnetBASE, ENVIROnetBASE, and ATSDR Online, Handbook of chemistry and physics, as well as many other netBASE libraries in ... read more
  Subject: Chemistry; Medicine; Technology; Business; Engineering; Mathematics; Forensic sciences; Life sciences; Environmental sciences
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29.  Database of twentieth century African-American poetry
A collection of poetry written by the most important and influential African-American poets of the 20th century. Includes the complete text of each poem and any integral textual images or illustrations, as well as any accompanying text, ... read more
  Subject: American poetry -- Databases; American literature -- African American authors -- Databases; American poetry -- African American authors -- Databases
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30.  Die deutsche Lyrik in Reclams Universal-Bibliothek
The deutsche Lyrik in Reclams Universal-Bibliothek database contains poems of about 100 authors written in the 17th to 20th centuries, and it will continue to be expanded. Editions of texts have been chosen based on Wilpert/Ghring, Erstausgaben ... read more
  Subject: Lyric poetry; German poetry
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31.  Digitale Bibliothek Deutscher Klassiker im WWW
A collection of German literature as well as historical, philosophical, theological, political and art history texts spanning eleven centuries
  Subject: Authors, German; German literature
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32.  Duden-Suche
  Subject: Abbreviations, German -- Dictionaries; Names, Personal -- Dictionaries; German language -- Synonyms and antonyms -- Dictionaries; German language -- Foreign words and phrases -- Dictionaries; German language -- Orthography and spelling -- Dictionaries
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33.  Early American fiction
A collection of 422 full texts of the first editions of American novels and short stories written before 1850 by authors of significance during their lifetimes
  Subject: American literature -- 19th century; American literature -- 18th century; Short stories, American; American fiction
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34.  Early English books online
Collection of online text editions of works originally published 1473-1700, listed in Pollard & Redgrave's Short-title catalogue, Wing's Short title catalogue or the Thomason tracts. Titles in the collection cover literature, philosophy, politics, religion, geography, science and ... read more
  Subject: English newspapers; English literature -- Early modern, 1500-1700; English imprints; Early printed books
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35.  Early English books online EEBO / Chadwyck-Healey
Reproduces works listed in: Pollard & Redgrave's Short-title catalogue, Wing's Short title catalogue and Thomason tracts, online via ProQuest Direct
  Subject: English literature -- Early modern, 1500-1700 -- Databases; English imprints -- Databases; Early printed books -- Databases; English newspapers -- Databases
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36.  Early English prose fiction
Contains 211 works in English prose by writers from the British Isles from the period 1500-1700
  Subject: English prose literature -- Early modern, 1500-1700; English fiction -- Early modern, 1500-1700
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37.  Eighteenth-century fiction
96 complete works in English prose from the period 1700-1780, by writers from the British Isles. Includes a scanned version of Sterne's Tristram Shandy, and two different editions of Richardson's Clarissa and Pamela and of Swift's Gulliver's ... read more
  Subject: English literature -- 18th century -- Databases
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38.  Encyclopedia of rhetoric edited by Thomas O. Sloane
The Encyclopedia of Rhetoric is a comprehensive survey of one of the Western world's oldest disciplines. Its 150 entries, written by leading scholars, bring together expertise in classical studies, philosophy, literature, literary theory, cultural studies, speech, and ... read more
  Subject: Rhetoric -- Encyclopedias
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39.  English drama
A combination of English verse drama and English prose drama full-text databases. Contains 4,000 plays by 1,200 authors from the late 13th to early 20th centuries
  Subject: Verse drama, English; English prose literature; English drama
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40.  English poetry
Contains more than 183,000 poems, comprising essentially the complete canon of poetry in English from the 8th century to the early 20th. Drawn from nearly 4,900 sources, the collection represents the work of more than 2,700 poets. ... read more
  Subject: English poetry -- Databases
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41.  English poetry
Contains over 165,000 poems essentially comprising the complete English poetic canon from 600-1900. Drawn from nearly 4,500 printed sources, more than 1,250 poets are represented
  Subject: English poetry -- Databases
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42.  English short title catalogue
The English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC) covers monograph and serial letterpress items printed before 1801 printed in the British Isles, Colonial America, United States of America (1776-1800), Canada, or territories governed by Britain, in all languages printed ... read more
  Subject: Commonwealth countries -- Imprints -- Union lists; United States -- Imprints -- Union lists; Great Britain -- Imprints -- Union lists; Early printed books -- Commonwealth countries -- Union lists; Early printed books -- United States -- Union lists; Early
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43.  Exilpresse Digital Deutsche Exilzeitschriften 1933-1945
A selection of digitized and searchable German exile newspapers and magazines taken from the Sammlung Exil-Literatur und Deutsches Exilarchiv 1933 - 1945 Bestnde, and the Sammlung Exil-Literatur Leipzig. Thirty titles from various places around the world from ... read more
  Subject: German periodicals -- Foreign countries; German newspapers -- Foreign countries
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44.  The Faber poetry library
The first release of The Faber Poetry Library contains the works of 31 poets comprising 91 volumes of poetry. The authors are all part of the Faber Poetry list and the database enjoys the active support of ... read more
  Subject: English poetry -- 20th century
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45.  Gunsho ruij (sei, zoku, zokuzoku)
  Subject: Japanese literature -- Edo period, 1600-1868
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46.  Index to English literary periodicals, 1681 to 1914
Indexes the microfilm collection: English literary periodicals series (ELPS)
  Subject: English literature -- Periodicals -- Indexes; English periodicals -- Indexes
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47.  Irish women poets of the Romantic period
Irish Women Poets of the Romantic Period includes more than 80 volumes of poetry by approximately 50 Irish women writing between 1768 and 1842. Compiled and edited by Stephen Behrendt of the University of Nebraska, the database ... read more
  Subject: Women -- Ireland -- Poetry; Women poets, Irish; Irish poetry -- Women authors -- 19th century; Irish poetry -- Women authors -- 18th century
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48.  Jacket2
Jacket2 offers commentary on modern and contemporary poetry and poetics. We publish articles, reviews, interviews, discussions and collaborative responses, archival documents, podcasts, and descriptions of poetry symposia and projects. --Homepage (viewed Apr. 12, 2012)
  Subject: Prose poems; Poets -- 21st century; Poets -- 20th century; Poetry, Modern -- 21st century; Poetry, Modern -- 20th century; Prose literature
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49.  The Johns Hopkins guide to literary theory & criticism edited by Michael Groden, Martin Kreiswirth, and Imre Szeman
A full-text searchable database of articles on individual critics and theorists, critical and theoretical schools and movements, and the critical and theoretical innovations of specific countries and historical periods. It also treats related persons and fields that ... read more
  Subject: Literature -- History and criticism -- Theory, etc. -- Bio-bibliography; Criticism -- Bio-bibliography
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50.  Latin American periodicals tables of contents LAPTOC / Association of Research Libraries, Latin Americanist Research Resources Project
Searchable Web database that provides access to the tables of contents of more than 950 journals, primarily in the humanities and social sciences, published in Latin America
  Subject: Latin America -- Periodicals -- Indexes
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