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1.  AIDSearch 1980-present
AIDSearch is a combination of three database files (MEDLINE AIDS/HIV Subset, AIDSTRIALS & AIDSDRUGS) providing information about Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and related topics. AIDSDRUGS is a dictionary of chemical and biological agents currently being evaluated in ... read more
  Subject: HIV -- Indexes; HIV -- Abstracts; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome -- Indexes; Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome -- Abstracts; HIV infections -- Abstracts; HIV infections -- Indexes; HIV (Viruses) -- Abstracts; HIV (Viruses) -- Indexes; AIDS (Disease)
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2.  Case studies for global health
This updating database is a collection of case studies that examine and illustrate how people, organizations, companies and governments have worked together to try to solve a global health challenge. Revisions are made as necessary
  Subject: Medicine -- International cooperation -- Databases; Public health -- International cooperation -- Databases; World health -- Databases
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3.  Gateway your entrance to the knowledge resources of the National Library of Medicine
U.S. National Library of Medicine. A Web-based system that lets users search simultaneously in multiple NLM retrieval systems and databases such as MEDLINE, OLDMEDLINE, and MEDLINEplus. Useful to physicians, researchers, students and the general public for an ... read more
  Subject: Medicine -- Database; Medicine -- Information services; Medicine -- Bibliography -- Catalogs
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4.  Global health on CAB direct
Specialist public health database with an emphasis on international health. It consists of Global health, current file (from 1973 to present) and Global health archive (1910 to 1973), which also includes records from the Bureau of Hygiene ... read more
  Subject: Global Health -- Abstracts; Global Health -- Abstratcs; Public Health -- Indexes; Public Health -- Abstracts; Tropical medicine -- Indexes; Tropical medicine -- Abstracts -- Databases; Communicable diseases -- Indexes; Communicable diseases -- Abstracts -
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5.  HIV/AIDS survey indicators database
The HIV/AIDS Survey Indicators Database provides an easily accessible comprehensive source of information on HIV/AIDS indicators derived from sample surveys. The database allows the user to produce tables for specific countries by select background characteristics, as well ... read more
  Subject: HIV infections -- Statistics -- Databases; AIDS (Disease) -- Statistics -- Databases
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6.  JAMAevidence
Includes three textbooks: Users' guides to the medical literature : a manual for evidence-based clinical practice, 2nd edition, The rational clinical examination : evidence-based clinical diagnosis, and Care at the close of life : evidence and experience. ... read more
  Subject: Information Services -- Database; Diagnosis -- Database; Evidence-Based Medicine -- Database; Diagnosis -- Databases; Evidence-based medicine -- Databases; Clinical medicine -- Databases
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7.  The minority health archive created in collaboration with Center for Minority Health and the University Library System at the University of Pittsburgh
The Minority Health Archive is an online archive of print and electronic media related to the health of the four nationally recognized minority groups: Blacks/African Americans, Native Americans, Hispanics/Latinos, and Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders
  Subject: Pacific Islander Americans -- Medical care -- Databases; Pacific Islander Americans -- Diseases -- Databases; Asian Americans -- Medical care -- Databases; Asian Americans -- Diseases -- Databases; Hispanic Americans -- Medical care -- Databases; Hispanic
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8.  SourceOECD. OECD health data ...
  Subject: Health surveys -- Statistics -- Databases; Medical care -- Statistics -- Databases; Medical care -- Finance -- Statistics -- Databases
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9.  Statehealthfacts.org your source for state health data
This resource provides data on more than 400 key health and health policy issues collected from a variety of public and private sources. Grouped by categories including demographics and the economy, health status, health coverage and uninsured, ... read more
  Subject: Health Status Indicators -- United States; Medical care -- United States -- States; Health status indicators -- United States -- States
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