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1.  The Archivision library
The Archivision Digital research Library is available via a selection in the menu of collections searched via ARTstor. A repository of 28,000 images representing Greek, Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, 18th & 19th Century and Modern architecture. The ... read more
  Subject: Architecture -- History -- Databases
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2.  Avery index to architectural periodicals
Offers a comprehensive listing of journal articles published worldwide on architecture and design, archaeology, city planning, interior design, and historic preservation. Avery indexes not only the international scholarly and popular periodical literature, but also the publications of ... read more
  Subject: Architecture -- Periodicals -- Indexes
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3.  The RIBA British Architectural Library catalogue online
At present the online catalogue represents only a proportion of the total number of catalogue records in the RIBA British Architectural Library. There are however currently on the database over 215,000 records, with abstracts, describing journal articles, ... read more
  Subject: Architecture -- Bibliography -- Catalogs
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4.  SPIRO slide and photograph image retrieval online: the online catalog & image database of the Architecture Visual Resources Library, University of California, Berkeley
SPIRO is the visual online public access catalog to the 35mm slide collection of the Architecture Visual Resources Library (AVRL) at the University of California at Berkeley. The collection numbers over 250,000 slides and 20,000 photographs, of ... read more
  Subject: Architectural photography -- Catalogs; Architecture -- Pictorial works -- Catalogs
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