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1.  The AMICA library art museum images from Cartography Associates
The AMICA Library (Art Museum Image from Cartography Associates) is an online collection of digital images of works of art in major museums from around the world. The images represent a broad range of works of art ... read more
  Subject: Digital images -- Databases; Images, Photographic -- Databases; Art -- Databases
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2.  Art source
Developed from a merger of high-quality databases from EBSCO Publishing and H.W. Wilson, and including many unique sources that were never previously available, this database covers a broad range of related subjects, from fine, decorative and commercial ... read more
  Subject: Architecture -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Commercial art -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Decoration and ornament -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Arts -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Art -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Periodicals -- Abstracts; Periodicals -- Indexes
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3.  ARTbibliographies modern
  Subject: Art, Modern -- 20th century -- Abstracts -- Databases; Art, Modern -- 20th century -- Bibliography
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4.  ARTstor
Searchable database of digital images and associated catalog data, with new image collections added several times a year. ARTstor covers many time periods and cultures, and documents the fields of architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, decorative arts, design, ... read more
  Subject: Art -- History -- Databases
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5.  BHA and RILA
A comprehensive bibliographical database of scholarly writing about the history of western art, containing abstracts and indexes of current publications in the history of art, including scholarly journals, conferences, book, exhibition reviews, and exhibition catalogues. The abstracts ... read more
  Subject: Art -- Abstracts; Art -- History -- Bibliography; Art -- Bibliography; Art -- History -- Indexes; Art -- Indexes; Art -- History -- Periodicals -- Databases; Art -- Periodicals -- Databases
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CAMIO fills the gap left by the end of operations of the Art Museum Image Consortium (AMICO). This new database not only supports art history, studio art, and design departments, it also provides rich context for history, ... read more
  Subject: Art -- Databases
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7.  CDL Saskia
Saskia's coverage provides visual material that supports introductory courses on Western art history. As such the database has been synchronized to images reproduced in many of the standard art historical survey texts. It also provides professional photographs ... read more
  Subject: Digital images -- Databases; Images, Photographic -- Databases; Art -- Databases
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8.  Grove art edited by Laura Macy
Provides access to the entire text of The dictionary of art (1996) with constant additions of new material and updates to the text, plus extensive image links
  Subject: Art -- Encyclopedias
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9.  Guo li gu gong bo wu yuan. Dian cang zi yuan
More than 10 databases in painting, calligraphy, rare books, government documents and archives, ceramics, bronzes, jades, and curios (stationery, tusks, woods, bones, lacquers, silk tapestries, etc.). Also includes pictures and narrations of special collections, archive of past ... read more
  Subject: China -- History -- Databases; Art, Chinese -- Databases
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10.  Hartill art and architecture
Collection of 16,600 images of the architecture and art of the Western world, Middle East, and the Americas. The time range is from ancient to contemporary. Each image has an accompanying catalog record in the database
  Subject: Digital images -- Databases; Images, Photographic -- Databases; Art -- Databases; Architecture -- Databases
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11.  Index of Christian art database
Based on The index of Christian art, a thematic and iconographic index of early Christian and medieval art objects to 1400, begun at Princeton University in 1917. Contains works indexed by the archive since 1991
  Subject: Christian art and symbolism -- Medieval, 500-1500 -- Indexes; Christian art and symbolism -- To 500 -- Indexes; Art, Byzantine -- Indexes; Art, Medieval -- Indexes
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12.  Index to 19th-century American art periodicals database source Mary M. Schmidt
Index to 42 American art periodicals from 1800-1899. All articles, poems, illustrations, and advertisements are indexed
  Subject: American periodicals -- Indexes; Art -- United States -- Periodicals -- Indexes
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13.  International bibliography of art
Citations encompass fine arts in all media (from painting and sculpture to video and new media), decorative arts, museum studies and conservation, archaeology, folk art, material culture, classical studies, antiques, and architectural history
  Subject: Art -- Abstracts -- Databases; Art -- Periodicals -- Indexes
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14.  LUCI
Searchable data bank of University of California digital images in a universal format. Images are acompanied by associated textual description. The first phase of LUCI in 1997 brought together 1,200 digital images of classical art and architecture ... read more
  Subject: Art, Greek -- Databases; Art, Roman -- Databases; Public art -- California -- Databases; Architecture -- California -- Databases; Arts -- California -- Databases; Art -- California -- Databases
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15.  Oxford art online
Oxford Art Online enables access and cross-search functionality to Grove and Oxford reference content in one location. Provides access to Grove Art Online, The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, The Oxford Companion to Western Art, and The Concise Oxford ... read more
  Subject: Aesthetics -- Encyclopedias; Artists -- Dictionaries; Art -- Dictionaries; Art -- Encyclopedias
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16.  SCIPIO art and rare books sales/auction catalogs
Descriptive records of art auctions and rare book catalogs for sales from the late sixteenth century to scheduled auctions not yet held. Records include the dates and places of sales, the auction houses, sellers, institutional holdings, and ... read more
  Subject: SCIPIO (Information retrieval system); Rare books -- Catalogs -- Indexes; Art auctions -- Catalogs -- Indexes
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17.  UCI digital image archive
As the Web portal to the Arts and Humanities Visual Resources Collection, DIA provides access to the catalog records for 325,000 35mm slides and to a growing collection of digital images in support of UCI's educational mission. ... read more
  Subject: Art -- History; Digital images -- Catalogs; Slides (Photography) -- Catalogs
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18.  Zhonghua shu zi shu yuan. Tu pian ku
Selective images of Chinese art works from museums in China as well as around the world. The database includes the following forms of art works: fine art, calligraphy, folk art, communism-related art, excavated art objects, old-time photographs, ... read more
  Subject: Art -- Databases; Illustration of books -- China -- Databases; Calligraphy, Chinese -- Databases; Painting, Chinese -- Databases; Art, Chinese -- Databases
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