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1.  Ecology abstracts
Indexes journal articles, books & other sources on climate impact, conservation, ecosystems, erosion, food chains, habitats, land reclamation, pollution, soil, water resources, etc. Focuses on interactions between organisms their environments. Coverage from 1982 forward
  Subject: Ecology -- Indexes; Ecology -- Abstracts
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2.  Fire and Resource Assessment Program
  Subject: Wildfires -- California -- Prevention and control -- Maps; Wildfires -- California -- Prevention and control; Environmental policy -- California; Landscape assessment -- California; Natural resources -- California -- Management
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3.  NatureServe explorer an online encyclopedia of life
Authoritative conservation information on plants, animals, and ecological communities of the United States and Canada. Provides information on rare and endangered species but includes common plants and animals as well
  Subject: Conservation biology -- Canada; Conservation biology -- United States; Endangered species -- Canada; Endangered species -- United States; Biotic communities -- Canada; Biotic communities -- United States; Zoology -- Canada; Zoology -- United States; Botan
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