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1.  Auerbach information management service
Consists of the current issues of the following journals: EDP auditing Data communications management Data base management Systems development management Enterprise operations management Data security management and, Information management (Washington, D.C.)
  Subject: Information resources management; Database management; System analysis; Electronic data processing departments -- Management; Management information systems
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2.  LexisNexis academic
Provides access to more than 5,800 full-text sources, including foreign and U.S. newspapers, magazine and trade journals, broadcast transcripts, company financial information, industry and market news, federal and state case law, law reviews, medical news and abstracts, ... read more
  Subject: Legal research -- United States
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3.  MarketLine business information centre
A compiled business information service using published desk research and secondary data sources to create Company, Industry and Country Profiles. Profiles include: 1. Company profiles (including company description, history, products and services, key employees, leading competitors, daily ... read more
  Subject: Business enterprises; Industries
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