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1.  Forrester [Web site]: helping business thrive on technology change
Forrester focuses on the business implications of technology change. Forrester's research publications analyze a broad range of technology areas such as new media, computing, software, networking, telecommunications and the Internet, and project how technology trends will affect ... read more
  Subject: Consumers -- Attitudes; Industrial statistics; High technology industries; Communication -- Technological innovations; Business enterprises -- Technological innovations; Technological forecasting; Technological innovations -- Forecasting; Technological in
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2.  Management & organization studies a SAGE full-text collection
Includes the full text of over 12,000 articles in selected journals published by SAGE and participating societies. It covers such subjects as: business and management, organizations studies, Management, Strategic management and business policy, human resource management and ... read more
  Subject: Organization -- Periodicals -- Abstracts; Management -- Periodicals -- Abstracts; Organization -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Management -- Periodicals -- Indexes
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3.  Risk abstracts
Provides citations and abstracts to the literature on risks arising from industrial, technological, environmental, and other sources, with an emphasis on assessment of the magnitude and probability of risk and the management of risk. The journal includes ... read more
  Subject: Risk -- Indexes; Risk -- Abstracts
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