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1.  AccessScience
Full access to 7100+ articles, 115,000 dictionary terms, and hundreds of Research Updates in all areas of science and technology updated daily. Also includes over 2000 biographies of leading scientists, weekly updates of breakthroughs and discoveries in ... read more
  Subject: Technology -- Encyclopedias; Science -- Encyclopedias
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2.  Conference papers index
Provides citations to papers and poster sessions presented at major scientific meetings around the world. Subject emphasis since 1995 has been in the life sciences, environmental sciences and the aquatic sciences, while older material also covers physics, ... read more
  Subject: Chemistry -- Congresses -- Indexes; Biology -- Congresses -- Indexes; Science -- Congresses -- Indexes
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3.  Conference proceedings citation index. Science (CPCI-S)
This citation index covers conference literature in all scientific and technical fields
  Subject: Technology -- Congresses -- Indexes; Science -- Congresses -- Indexes
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4.  Data citation index
Indexes research data, including data studies and data sets, and links them to the scientific literature to track data citation
  Subject: Bibliographical citations -- Statistics -- Databases; Social sciences -- Periodicals -- Databases; Science -- Periodicals -- Databases
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5.  Data Curation Profiles directory
The purpose of the Data Curation Profiles (DCP) Directory is to enable authors of completed DCPS to publish their work in ways that recognize the scholarship of crafting a DCP, and support the discovery, access and use ... read more
  Subject: Data libraries -- Directories; Research -- Data processing -- Directories
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6.  DOE information bridge
Site provides free, convenient, and quick access to full-text DOE research and development in physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental cleanup, energy technologies, and other topics includes the full-text and bibliographic records of DOE-sponsored report literature produced by ... read more
  Subject: Power resources -- United States -- Information services -- Computer network resources; Power resources -- Research -- United States -- Computer network resources
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7.  DOE reports bibliographic database
DOE bibliographic database contains citations for all Dept. of Energy (DOE) sponsored scientific and technical reports sent to the Government Printing Office (G.P.O.) Depository Libraries, covering the period of Jan. 1, 1994 to the present. Current DOE ... read more
  Subject: Power (Mechanics) -- Bibliography; Power resources -- Bibliography
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8.  History of science, technology, and medicine
Provides citations and some brief abstracts to journal articles, conference proceedings, books, book reviews, and dissertations in the history of science, technology and medicine and allied historical fields from prehistory to the present
  Subject: Medicine -- History -- Indexes; Technology -- History -- Indexes; Technology -- History -- Abstracts; Science -- History -- Indexes; Science -- History -- Abstracts
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9.  Knovel critical tables compiled by Knovel Corporation
  Subject: Solvents -- Tables; Thermodynamics -- Tables; Chemistry -- Tables; Science -- Tables
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10.  PhilSci archive
Preprints in the philosophy of science. The archive's goal is to preserve and foster the rapid exchange of new work in philosophy of science
  Subject: Science -- Philosophy -- Databases
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11.  Science & Society Picture Library. Science & technology describing the origins and development of our major scientific and technological advances
The Science & technology web site contains digitized images from the collections of the Science Museum, the National Museum of Photography, Film & Television and the National Railway Museum of Great Britain, and related collections. The images ... read more
  Subject: Scientific apparatus and instruments -- Photographs; Technology -- Photographs; Science -- Photographs
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12.  Scientific electronic library online SciELO
An electronic virtual library covering a selected collection of scientific journals, especially conceived to meet the scientific communication needs of developing countries, particularly Latin America and the Caribbean countries. Provides access to abstracts and full text of ... read more
  Subject: Medicine -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Medicine -- Abstracts; Technology -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Technology -- Abstracts; Science -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Science -- Abstracts
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13.  Scopus
Scopus is the largest abstract and citation database, including peer-reviewed titles from international publishers, Open Access journals, conference proceedings, trade publications, quality web sources. Subject coverage : Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Engineering Life and Health Sciences Social ... read more
  Subject: Medicine -- Databases; Medical sciences -- Databases; Technology -- Databases; Physical sciences -- Databases; Life sciences -- Databases; Social sciences -- Databases; Science -- Databases
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14.  SourceOECD. Science and technology statistics
  Subject: Technology assessment -- OECD countries -- Databases; Science indicators -- OECD countries -- Databases; Technology assessment -- Databases; Science indicators -- Databases
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Viewing all 14 results of your selection

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