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1.  ASME digital collection
Provides abstracts and full-text access to regularly published journals, conference proceedings, and e-books from The American Society of Mechanical Engineers
  Subject: Mechanical engineering -- Databases
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2.  Best management practices and guidance manual: desert renewable energy projects revised draft staff report / Richard Anderson ... [et al.], California Energy Commission, Transmission Corridor Designation Office ... [et al.]
  Subject: Desert resources development -- Management; Renewable energy sources -- Management
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3.  Green incentives navigator
The Green Incentives Library provides everything necessary to research, communicate and keep abreast of federal and state incentives aimed at encouraging the use of renewable energy and promoting conservation. This Library includes the Green Incentives Navigator (which ... read more
  Subject: Energy tax credits -- United States -- States; Energy tax credits -- United States; Renewable energy sources -- Government policy -- United States -- States; Renewable energy sources -- Government policy -- United States
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4.  IEA energy technology R&D
The database is divided into two parts: 1) Government Energy Technology R & D Budgets : Budgets are available for several R & D activities: conservation, fossil fuels, renewable energy, nuclear fission, nuclear fusion as well as ... read more
  Subject: Energy development -- Statistics; Energy industries -- Research -- Statistics; Power resources -- Research -- Statistics
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5.  IEA renewables information
Provides reliable statistics on renewables energy in OECD Member countries to a global audience of energy experts and organisations in the field. It is a comprehensive database of basic statistics compiled by the IEA on electricity and ... read more
  Subject: Recycling (Waste, etc.) -- OECD countries -- Statistics -- Databases; Power resources -- OECD countries -- Statistics -- Databases; Renewable energy sources -- OECD countries -- Statistics -- Databases
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6.  IMechE proceedings archive, 1847-1996
Direct access to over 200,000 pages of unique material, including technical papers, obituaries, meeting reports, technical drawings, and editorial comment, all covering some of the most influential and innovative years of engineering development
  Subject: Biomedical engineering -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Locomotives -- Design and construction -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Automobiles -- Design and construction -- Congresses -- Indexes; Mechanical engineering -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Mechanical engineering -
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7.  Palomar Energy Center / California Energy Commission
On November 28, 2001, Palomar Energy, LLC filed an Application for Certification with the California Energy Commission seeking approval for the Palomar Energy Project to construct the Palomar Energy Center. The project was approved by the Energy ... read more
  Subject: Energy industries -- Certification -- California; Electric power-plants -- California -- Escondido; Gas-turbine power-plants -- California -- Escondido; Cogeneration of electric power and heat -- California -- Escondido; Gas power plants -- California --
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8.  SAE digital library
The SAE Digital Library is a vast repository of authoritative technical content including SAE standards and technical papers from 1906 to the present.. The Standards portion of the SAE Digital Library references thousands of SAE standards. SAE ... read more
  Subject: Motor vehicles -- Design and construction -- Databases; Automobiles -- Standards -- Databases; Automobiles -- Design and construction -- Databases; Transportation engineering -- Databases
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Viewing all 8 results of your selection

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