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1.  America's news magazines
Full text of popular magazines (27 titles with varying coverage, some as far back as 1991- to the present, covering topics such as U.S. and international news, business, lifestyle, entertainment, sports, and science and technology
  Subject: American periodicals -- Indexes; American periodicals
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2.  American periodicals series online, 1740-1900
Consists of digitized reproductions of more than 1,100 eighteenth and nineteenth century newspapers and periodicals in the original microfilm reproduction series, American periodical series, I, II, and III. When completed in 2003, this database will have more ... read more
  Subject: American periodicals -- Databases
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3.  Annual reviews
Provides searchable abstracts and full-text access to articles in the biomedical sciences, physical sciences, and social sciences
  Subject: Social sciences; Physical sciences; Medical sciences
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4.  C19, the nineteenth century index
  Subject: United States -- Imprints -- 19th century; Great Britain -- Imprints -- 19th century; Great Britain -- Politics and government -- 19th century -- Sources; United States -- History -- 19th century -- Sources -- Indexes; Great Britain -- History -- 19th cen
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5.  China academic journals
Full-text database of Chinese journals published in China. The journals are categorized under ten series: mathematics/physics/mechanics/astronomy (Series A), chemistry/metallurgy/environment/mine industry (Series B), architecture/energy/traffic/electro mechanics, etc. (Series C), agriculture (Series D), medicine & public health (Series E), literature/history/philosophy ... read more
  Subject: Chinese periodicals -- China -- Databases
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6.  China online journals COJ
Full-text database of Chinese and English journals published in China after 1997. The journals are categorized into 8 collections: Art & humanities, Business & economics, Law & politics, Social sciences, Health/medicine/biology, Fundamental sciences, Science & technology, and ... read more
  Subject: China
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7.  Dacheng lao jiu kan quan wen shu ju ku
880-03 Dacheng lao jiu kan quan wen shu ju ku is a database of scanned articles of around seven thousand Chinese journals published in China in either the late Qing Dynasty (pre-1911) or the period of the ... read more
  Subject: Chinese periodicals -- China -- Databases; Chinese periodicals -- China
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8.  DBpia electronic journal services
A database containing full text of over 1 million articles from Korean scholarly journals
  Subject: Korean periodicals -- Databases
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9.  Emerald
Full text database of journals published by Emerald. Topics include management, library & information services, engineering, applied sciences, and technology
  Subject: Economics; Information science; Technology; Engineering; Management
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10.  Factiva
Provides worldwide full text coverage of local and regional newspapers, trade publications, business newswires, press release wires, media transcripts, news photos, business-rich Web sites, investment analyst reports, market research reports, country and regional profiles, company profiles, historical ... read more
  Subject: Business; Business -- Newspapers; Business -- Databases; Industries; Industries -- Newspapers; Industries -- Databases; Commerce; Commerce -- Newspapers; Commerce -- Databases
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11.  Hemeroteca digital
This database is the first part of the Biblioteca Virtual Hispnica and consists currently of 143 titles which comprise 500,000 pages representing a wide variety of Spanish periodicals of all types: political, satirical, technical, literary, sports, religious, ... read more
  Subject: Spain -- Periodicals -- Databases; Spanish periodicals -- Databases
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12.  MasterFILE premier
Designed specifically for public libraries, this multidisciplinary database provides full text for more than 1,750 general reference publications with full text dating as far back as 1975. Covering virtually every subject area of general interest, MasterFILE Premier ... read more
  Subject: Periodicals -- Abstracts; Periodicals -- Indexes
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13.  Middle search plus
Searchable database contains full text for popular middle school magazines, biographies, primary source documents, photos, mags, flags, and historical essays. All full-text articles are assigned Lexile reading level indicators. Site includes audio reading of text
  Subject: Literacy -- Study and teaching (Middle school); Children's periodicals -- Databases
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14.  The Nation digital archive since 1865
The archive currently contains PDF page images and searchable OCR text for all issues of The Nation published from 1865
  Subject: United States -- Economic conditions; United States -- Social conditions; United States -- Politics and government
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15.  Primary search
Primary Search, designed specifically for elementary school students contains full text for more than 80 popular elementary school magazines. All full-text articles are assigned a reading level indicator (Lexiles). Additionally, Primary Search includes the Encyclopedia of Animals, ... read more
  Subject: Children's periodicals -- Abstracts -- Databases; Children's periodicals -- Indexes -- Databases; Children's periodicals -- Databases
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16.  ScienceDirect
Web database for scientific research that contains abstracts, tables of contents, and full text of articles in the sciences, technology, medicine and social sciences
  Subject: Scholarly periodicals -- United States; Electronic journals -- United States; Technology -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Technology -- Indexes; Social sciences -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Social sciences -- Indexes; Medical sciences -- Periodicals -- Indexes; M
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17.  Taiwan dian zi qi kan fu wu wang Taiwan electronic periodical services
TEPS offers full text (PDF) for periodicals published in Taiwan. It covers topics in humanities, natural science, applied science, medical & life science, and social science
  Subject: Chinese periodicals -- Taiwan -- Databases
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Viewing all 17 results of your selection

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