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1.  Caribbean abstracts
Catalog containing abstracts in English of selected books and articles about the Caribbean published in the humanities and social sciences since 1989. Included are all the islands of the Caribbean archipelago, as well as the mainland territories ... read more
  Subject: Belize -- Abstracts; Guiana -- Abstracts; West Indies -- Abstracts
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2.  HAPI online
HAPI Online combines current information about Latin America with complete coverage spanning more than 25 years, from 1970 to the present. The database contains over 200,000 citations from 400 humanities and social science journals published worldwide. Most ... read more
  Subject: Latin America -- Indexes; Hispanic Americans -- Indexes
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3.  Latin America Data Base LADB: a news and educational service on Latin America
  Subject: Latin America -- Information services; Latin America -- Databases; Latin America -- Politics and government -- 1980- -- Databases; Latin America -- Economic conditions -- 1982- -- Databases
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4.  Latin American newspapers
Searchable collection of historical Latin American newspapers. Once completed this collection will include 35 newspapers published in the 19th and early 20th century in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela
  Subject: Latin America -- History -- 19th century -- Sources; Latin America -- Newspapers
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5.  The Oxford encyclopedia of Mesoamerican cultures edited by Davd Carrasco
The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mesoamerican Cultures is the first comprehensive reference source to chronicle Pre-Hispanic, colonial, and modern Mesoamerica, defined as the lands stretching from Mexico to the southern tip of Central America. With more than 600 ... read more
  Subject: Central America -- Civilization -- Encyclopedias; Mexico -- Civilization -- Encyclopedias; Central America -- Antiquities -- Encyclopedias; Mexico -- Antiquities -- Encyclopedias; Indians of Central America -- Antiquities -- Encyclopedias; Indians of Mexi
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6.  World scholar. Latin America & the Caribbean
Breaks new ground in the publishing world by bringing together in a single place a rich collection of primary source documents about Latin America and the Caribbean academic journals and news-feeds covering the region reference articles and ... read more
  Subject: Caribbean Area -- Databases; Latin America -- Databases; Caribbean Area -- History -- Sources; Latin America -- History -- Sources; Caribbean Area; Latin America
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Viewing all 6 results of your selection

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