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1.  American Jewish Committee archives
Launched as part of AJC's centennial celebration, the Archives includes films, historical radio and television broadcasts, an interactive timeline of American Jewish history, historic correspondence, memorabilia, and other documents. An oral history collection containing audio excerpts of ... read more
  Subject: Jews -- United States -- Biography; Judaism -- United States; Jews -- United States -- History -- 20th century
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2.  Arte pblico Hispanic historical collection. Series 1
Series 1 presents a digital collection of historical content pertaining to U.S. Hispanic history, literature and culture. Recovering the U.S. Hispanic Literary Heritage Project -- from which the collections draws its content, is the largest national project ... read more
  Subject: Hispanic American arts -- Databases; American literature -- Hispanic American authors -- Databases; Hispanic American literature (Spanish) -- Databases; Hispanic Americans -- History -- Databases
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3.  Black studies center
Black Studies Center combines invaluable resources for research and teaching in Black studies: Schomburg studies on the Black experience, International index of Black periodicals (IIBP), The Chicago defender, ProQuest dissertations for Black studies, and Black literature index. ... read more
  Subject: Africans -- Study and teaching -- Periodicals -- Indexes; Africans -- Study and teaching -- Indexes; African Americans -- Study and teaching -- Periodicals -- Indexes; African Americans -- Study and teaching -- Indexes; Africans -- History -- Sources; Afr
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4.  Black thought and culture African Americans from Colonial times to the present
Non-fiction works by African-American leaders and others who have dealt substantially with issues of race in America. Includes books, essays, articles, speeches, letters, interviews, and other materials, some of which have not previously been published
  Subject: United States -- Civilization -- African American influences; African Americans -- Social conditions; African Americans -- Politics and government; African Americans -- Intellectual life; African Americans
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5.  Case files for early immigrants to San Francisco and Hawaii Institute of Business and Economic Research a collaboration with the National Archives and Records Administration
This database covers investigations of people who tried to immigrate to America through San Francisco or Honolulu during the period of the Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882-1943. Searches yield case numbers that correspond with documents at National Archives ... read more
  Subject: United States -- Emigration and immigration -- History -- Sources; Asian Americans -- Genealogy; Chinese Americans -- Genealogy; Chinese -- United States -- History -- Sources
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6.  Chicano database
The Chicano Database is a comprehensive bibliographic index representing all types of material for information about Mexican-American topics and the only specialized database for and about Chicanos. Updated quarterly, the Chicano Database provides extensive coverage from the ... read more
  Subject: Cuban Americans -- Indexes; Puerto Ricans -- Indexes; Hispanic Americans -- Indexes; Mexican Americans -- Indexes
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7.  China, America and the Pacific: trade & cultural exchange
China, America and the Pacific explores the cultural and trading relationships that emerged between America, China and the Pacific region between the 18th and early 20th centuries. Manuscripts, rare printed sources, visual images, objects and maps from ... read more
  Subject: United States -- Foreign relations -- China -- History; China -- Foreign relations -- United States -- History; United States -- Commerce -- China -- History; China -- Commerce -- United States -- History; China -- Relations -- United States; United State
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8.  Colorlines news for action
ColorLines has been building a home for journalism in service to racial justice since 1998. Our multiracial team of writers, producers and photographers cover stories from the perspective of community, rather than through the lens of power ... read more
  Subject: United States -- Race relations; Minorities -- Political activity -- United States; Minorities -- United States
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9.  Ethnic newsWatch
Full text articles from newspapers and periodicals published by the ethnic, minority and native press in the U.S. Coverage is from 1960 to date
  Subject: Ethnic press -- United States; Ethnology -- United States; Indians of North America -- History -- Sources; Indians of North America; Indians of North America -- Newspapers; Minorities -- United States -- History -- Sources; Minorities -- United States; Mi
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10.  Oxford African American studies center the online authority on the African American experience
Comprehensive collection of scholarship focused on the lives and events which have shaped African American and African history and culture, coupled with precise search and browse capabilities. Features over 7,500 articles from Oxford's reference works, approximately 100 ... read more
  Subject: African Americans -- Study and teaching -- Databases; African Americans -- Biography -- Databases
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11.  Political database
  Subject: Pacific Islander Americans -- Politics and government -- Databases; Asian Americans -- Politics and government -- Databases
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12.  ProQuest history vault. Immigration: records of the INS, 1880-1930
Covers the investigations made by the Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) during the massive immigration wave of 1880-1930. The files cover Asian immigration, especially Japanese and Chinese migration, to California, Hawaii, and other states Mexican immigration to ... read more
  Subject: United States -- Race relations -- Sources; Asian Americans -- History -- Sources; Immigrants -- United States
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13.  SEAAdoc documenting the Southeast Asian American experience
SEAAdoc is an educational resource of the Southeast Asian Archive at the University of California Irvine Libraries focusing on post-1975 refugees and immigrants from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam and the communities they have developed in the United ... read more
  Subject: Southeast Asian Americans -- Databases; Southeast Asians -- United States -- Databases; Refugees -- Southeast Asia -- Databases; Refugees -- United States -- Databases
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