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1.  Acta chemica Scandinavica, 1947-1999
Web site archives the issues of the following journal titles, accessible by browsing issues or searching: Acta chemica Scandinavica [1947-1973] Acta chemica Scandinavica. Series A, and Acta chemica Scandinavica. Series B [1974-1988] and Acta chemica Scandinavica (Copenhagen, ... read more
  Subject: Chemistry; Chemistry, Physical and theoretical; Biochemistry; Chemistry, Organic
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2.  CHEMnetBASE chemical databases online
  Subject: Physics -- Tables; Chemistry -- Tables; Polymers -- Dictionaries; Chemistry -- Dictionaries
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3.  The combined chemical dictionary
The combined chemical dictionary is a structured database holding information on chemical substances. It includes descriptive and numerical data on chemical, physical and biological properties of compounds systematic and common names of compounds literature references structure diagrams ... read more
  Subject: Chemical tests and reagents -- Dictionaries; Drugs -- Dictionaries; Organometallic compounds -- Dictionaries; Natural products -- Dictionaries; Inorganic compounds -- Dictionaries; Organic compounds -- Dictionaries; Chemistry -- Dictionaries -- Databases
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4.  Index chemicus
Covering more than 100 of the world's leading organic chemistry journals, Index Chemicus is text- and substructure-searchable, and offers full graphical summaries, important reaction diagrams, and complete bibliographic information. --Publisher information
  Subject: Chemistry -- Indexes
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5.  IUPAC compendium of chemical terminology the gold book
This browsable interactive version of the Compendium of chemical terminology is based on the 2nd edition compiled by Alan D. McNaught and Andrew Wilkinson and published in print form by Blackwell Science in 1997. It contains authoritative ... read more
  Subject: Chemicals -- Dictionaries
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6.  Knovel library
  Subject: Chemistry; Science; Engineering
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7.  RSC ebook collection
The RSC eBook Collection is a comprehensive overview of research and opinion in a multitude of areas of chemical science. Continually updated and expanded throughout the year the RSC eBook Collection provides access to new content as ... read more
  Subject: Chemical engineering -- Databases; Chemistry, Organic -- Databases; Chemistry, Inorganic -- Databases; Chemistry -- Databases
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8.  SciFinder Scholar
The SciFinder Scholar provides access to Chemical abstracts, a database of chemical literature and U.S. and foreign chemical-related patents, CASREACT, and the Registry database from Chemical Abstracts Service from 1947 to the present. It includes journal articles, ... read more
  Subject: Patents -- Indexes; Chemistry -- Indexes; Chemistry -- Abstracts -- Databases
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Viewing all 8 results of your selection

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