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1.  China vitae Zhongguo ming ren lu
Provides more than 2,500 biographies of current Chinese political, military, economic, business, and academic leaders. Users can easily create lists of officials who have similar career paths, organizational affiliations, education, and places of origin. In addition to ... read more
  Subject: China -- Officials and employees; China -- Biography
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2.  China, trade, politics & culture, 1793-1980 sources from the School of Oriental and African Studies and the British Library, London
  Subject: China -- History -- Sources; China -- Commerce -- History -- 20th century -- Sources; China -- Commerce -- History -- 19th century -- Sources; China -- Foreign economic relations -- Sources; China -- Relations -- Sources
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3.  Chinese pamphlets political communication and mass education in the early period of the People's Republic of China = Lian huan hua
Collection of mass education materials published in Hong Kong and in Mainland China, particularly Shanghai, in the years 1947-1954, produced by both Kuomintang (Nationalist) and Gongchantang (Communist) supporters. Includes cartoon books, pamphlets, postcards and magazines
  Subject: United States -- Foreign relations -- China; China -- Foreign relations -- United States; China -- Politics and government -- 1949-1976; China -- History -- 1949-1976; Marriage law -- China; Marriage -- China; Communism -- China; Propaganda, Chinese
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4.  Hong Kong newspaper clippings online University of Hong Kong Libraries
This full-text image database is from the original set of newspaper clippings compiled for the Department of Political Science by Dr. Norman Miners. The database comprises more than 150,000 images covering the early 1970s to 1994. Most ... read more
  Subject: Hong Kong (China) -- Politics and government -- 20th century -- Databases; Clippings (Books, newspapers, etc.) -- Databases
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5.  Zhongguo fang zhi ku / Liu Junwen zong zuan Ai ru sheng shu zi hua ji shu yan jiu zhong xin yan zhi
880-06 Di fang zhi lei zhu zuo,bao kuo quan guo di li zong zhi(ru fang yu zhi, yi tong zhi deng),ge di fang zhi(ru sheng tong zhi, fu zhou zhi, xian zhi deng),ge lei zhuan zhi(ru shan ... read more
  Subject: China -- History, Local -- Databases
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