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1.  Cambridge law reports
  Subject: Law reports, digests, etc; International law -- Sources; International law -- Cases
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2.  Electronic resource guide American Society of International Law
This electronic resource guide, often called the ERG, has been published online by ASIL since 1997. Since then it has been systematically updated and continuously expanded. The chapter format of the ERG is designed to be used ... read more
  Subject: International law -- Sources -- Databases; International law -- Computer network resources -- Databases
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3.  Foreign & international law resources database
Searchable database which includes publications from the American Society of International Law and yearbooks and serials from around the world, as well as the Hague Permanent Court of International Justice series. Also includes U.S. law digests, international ... read more
  Subject: International courts -- Databases; Law -- United States -- Digests -- Databases; International law -- Databases
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4.  A List of treaties and other international acts of the United States in force
  Subject: United States -- Foreign relations -- Treaties -- Indexes; Treaties -- Indexes
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5.  Oxford historical treaties
Treaties concluded between 1648 and 1919, taken from The consolidated treaty series, edited and annotated by Clive Parry. OUP plans to add more treaties which were not in Parry's collection
  Subject: Treaties -- Collections
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6.  Treaties, etc
  Subject: United States -- Foreign relations -- Treaties; Treaties -- Collections
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7.  United Nations legal publications global search
The United Nations Global Search engine provides a cross-database search option for researchers interested in easily locating multiple types of UN legal publications pertaining to a particular topic
  Subject: Treaties -- Databases; International courts -- Databases; International law -- Databases
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8.  United Nations treaty collection Collection des traits des Nations Unies
Contains full-text of the United Nations Treaty Series, the United Nations Treaty Series Cumulative Index, and the League of Nations Treaty Series, the current status of the Multilateral Treaties deposited with the Secretary-General, and texts of recently ... read more
  Subject: Treaties -- Databases; International agencies; International relations; Treaties -- Collections -- Databases
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9.  World treaty index an electronic treaty database spanning the 20th century
  Subject: Treaties -- Collections -- 20th century -- Databases
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Viewing all 9 results of your selection

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