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1. American jurisprudence. 2d.
American Jurisprudence, Second Edition, originally published by The Lawyers' Cooperative Publishing Company, is an encyclopedic text of American law, state, federal, criminal, civil and procedural. In over 430 modern titles, Am Jur 2d articles collect, examine, and ... read more
  Subject: Law -- United States
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2. American state papers, 1789-1838
Search or browse U.S. congressional materials originating from 1789 and covering through 1838, including 1st Congress, 1st Session through 25th Congress, 2nd Session
  Subject: United States -- History -- Sources; United States -- Politics and government -- Sources
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3. Antitrust law an analysis of antitrust principles and their application / Phillip E. Areeda, Herbert Hovenkamp
This expert-authored treatise provides analysis of thousands of court decisions, as well as the statutes, agency guidelines, and law review articles that comprise the antitrust laws. In addition to providing practical know-how for avoiding antitrust liability, the ... read more
  Subject: Antitrust law -- United States
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4. Bishop & Kleinberger: limited liability companies Carter G. Bishop, Daniel S. Kleinberger
  Subject: Private companies -- Taxation -- United States -- States; Private companies -- United States -- States; Limited partnership -- Taxation -- United States; Limited partnership -- United States -- Forms; Limited partnership -- United States
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5. Business method patents Gregory A. Stobbs
Authoritative source for court-tested guidance on the patent application, drafting claims and specifications, drawings and illustrations of the business system, building a patent portfolio for attracting capital and enforcing and licensing business method patents
  Subject: Patent laws and legislation -- United States; Technological innovations -- United States -- Patents; Industrial management -- United States -- Patents
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6. CBA record
  Subject: Law -- Illinois; Bar associations -- Illinois -- Chicago
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7. CCH federal tax weekly
  Subject: Taxation -- United States -- Cases; Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States
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8. Checkpoint
Comprehensive tax and accounting research database covering tax and accounting laws and news on the international, federal, state and local levels. Provides access to a variety of primary sources including the Internal Revenue Code and U.S. tax ... read more
  Subject: Business enterprises -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Databases; Income tax -- Law and legislation -- United States -- States -- Databases; Income tax -- Law and legislation -- United States -- Databases; Accounting -- Law and legislation -- Uni
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9. Comptroller's licensing manual Comptroller of the Currency, Administrator of the National Banks
  Subject: Banking law -- United States; National banks (United States)
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10. The Constitution of the United States of America: analysis and interpretation annotations of cases decided by the Supreme Court of the United States / prepared by the Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress
Provides syntheses of US Supreme Court decisions pinpointing core constitutional issues. Includes the body of the Constitution, the twenty-seven amendments, a historical accounting of seminal court rulings, and supplements
  Subject: Constitutional history -- United States; Constitutional law -- United States
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11. Drafting business contracts principles, techniques & forms / David C. Burgess ... [et al.] edited by Wendy L. Brown, David Peyerwold
  Subject: Commercial law -- United States -- Forms; Contracts -- United States; Commercial law -- United States
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12. Drafting technology patent license agreements Michael J. Lennon
This guide zeroes in on business transaction issues from the proposal and negotiation of patent licensing agreements to the implementation of licensing programs and the enforcement of patents. Includes realistic, effective strategies that can only be gained ... read more
  Subject: Computer contracts -- United States; Technology transfer -- Law and legislation -- United States; Patent licenses -- United States; License agreements -- United States
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13. Federal Circuit annual review summaries of the Federal Circuit patent cases of ... /
Presents the precedential and non-precedential patent related opinions issued by the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. An overview of the most important decisions issued each year is followed by analysis of the cases
  Subject: Patent practice -- United States; Patent laws and legislation -- United States -- Digests; Patent suits -- United States -- Digests
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14. Federal excise tax reporter
  Subject: Excise tax -- Law and legislation -- United States; Internal revenue law -- United States
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15. Federal tax day
  Subject: Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States
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16. Foreign commerce and the antitrust laws Wilbur L. Fugate supplement by Lee H. Simowitz
Expert analysis of how the U.S. antitrust laws affect companies' abilities to import and export goods, invest in foreign companies, and enter into joint ventures and other trading arrangements. Foreign Commerce and the Antitrust Laws, Fifth Edition ... read more
  Subject: Antitrust law (International law); Intellectual property (International law); Intellectual property -- United States; Foreign trade regulation -- United States; Antitrust law -- United States
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17. Generic and innovator drugs a guide to FDA approval requirements / Donald O. Beers
Guide to FDA approval requirements explains each step of the drug approval process, including the Hatch-Waxman provisions and with a focus on the FDA approval of generic drugs
  Subject: Patent extensions -- United States; Drugs -- United States -- Generic substitution -- Patents; Drugs -- Generic substitution -- Law and legislation -- United States
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18. IntelliConnect
Provides full-text access to primary and secondary materials organized in various topical libraries such as: Antitrust & trade library Federal securities regulation library, Omni tax library Intellectual property library (inlcude patent, copyright, computer & internet library) and ... read more
  Subject: Law -- United States -- Databases
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19. Joint Committee bluebooks Joint Committee on Taxation, Congress of the United States
Collects reports issued under various titles beginning in 1969, many of them beginning with title General explanation of tax legislation ...
  Subject: Tax administration and procedure -- United States; Income tax -- Law and legislation -- United States; Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States
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20. The law of chemical and pharmaceutical invention patent and nonpatent protection / Jerome Rosenstock
This title combines insightful analysis of the relevant intellectual property law with practical advice on providing both patent and non-patent approaches
  Subject: Drugs -- United States -- Patents; Chemicals -- United States -- Patents; Patent laws and legislation -- United States
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21. LawTRIO law publications database
Fully-searchable database of legal titles combined from three directories: Legal looseleafs in print, Legal newsletters in print, and Directory of law-related CD-ROMs
  Subject: CD-ROM publishing -- Directories; Information storage and retrieval systems -- Law -- Directories; Newsletters -- United States -- Bibliography; Loose-leaf publications, Legal -- United States -- Bibliography; Law -- United States -- Periodicals -- Biblio
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22. Letter rulings & IRS positions
IRS Letter Rulings and IRS Positions includes: Technical Advice Memoranda (TAMs), Private Letter Rulings, Field Service Advice Memoranda, (FSAs), Chief Counsel Advice Memoranda (CCAs), IRS - Service Center Advice Memoranda (SCAs), Litigation Guideline Memoranda (LGMs), Actions on ... read more
  Subject: Internal revenue law -- United States; Letter rulings (Income tax) -- United States; Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States; Tax administration and procedure -- United States
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23. The making of modern law. U.S. Supreme Court records and briefs, 1832-1978
Derived from two essential reference sources for the period 1832 (when printed Court records began) through 1915, the documents are based primarily on the holdings of the Jenkins Memorial Law Library, America's first law library, located in ... read more
  Subject: Legal briefs -- United States -- Databases; Law -- United States -- Databases
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24. MSPB on-line decisions database U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board
  Subject: Administrative procedure -- United States -- Cases; Civil service -- United States -- Cases
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25. Multistate corporate income tax guide
  Subject: Corporations -- Taxation -- Law and legislation -- United States -- States
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