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1.  Current protocols in immunology
... provides comprehensive coverage of immunological methods from classic to the most cutting edge: the most sophisticated protocols in immunology today.
  Subject: Immunologic Techniques; Immunology -- Laboratory manuals
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2.  Current protocols in microbiology
  Subject: Laboratory Infection -- prevention & control -- Laboratory Manuals; Containment of Biohazards -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Microbiological Techniques -- methods -- Laboratory Manuals; Microbiology -- Technique; Microbiology -- Laboratory manuals
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3.  The prokaryotes an evolving electronic resource for the microbiological community
Online implementation of the content currently found in the printed reference work, The Prokaryotes : a handbook on the biology of bacteria. 2nd ed. (1992). Approximately 25% of the content will be fully updated each year over ... read more
  Subject: Bacteria; Prokaryotic Cells; Bacteriology -- Cultures and culture media; Bacteria -- Identification; Bacteria -- Handbooks, manuals, etc; Prokaryotes -- Handbooks, manuals, etc; Prokaryotes
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