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1.  Current chemical reactions (CCR-Expanded)
Contains single- and multi-step new synthetic methods. The overall reaction flow is provided for each method, along with a detailed and accurate graphical representation of each reaction step
  Subject: Chemistry -- Abstracts; Chemical reactions; Chemical reactions -- Abstracts; Organic compounds -- Synthesis; Organic compounds -- Synthesis -- Abstracts
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2.  The dictionary of commonly cited compounds
A database contining concise chemical and bibliographic data of 25,000 compounds most commonly used by chemists. Covers organic compounds, inorganic compounds, drugs, natural products, materials, alloys, and the elements and their isotopes
  Subject: Organic Chemicals -- Dictionary -- English; Inorganic Chemicals -- Dictionary -- English; Biological Factors -- Dictionary -- English; Pharmaceutical Preparations -- Dictionary -- English; Drugs -- Dictionaries; Natural products -- Dictionaries; Inorganic
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3.  Fieser and Fieser's reagents for organic synthesis
Online database version of the standard reference work describing reagents of use to organic chemists
  Subject: Chemical tests and reagents; Organic compounds -- Synthesis
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4.  Properties of organic compounds
A database containing over 29,000 of the most commonly sought orgnic compounds, featuring physical data, spectral data, and structures
  Subject: Organic compounds -- Spectra -- Databases; Organic compounds -- Databases
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5.  Reaxys
Reaxys is a web-based search and retrieval system for chemical compounds, bibliographic data and chemical reactions. Combined data from three sources: The Beilstein Database, The Gmelin Database, and The Patent Chemistry Database
  Subject: Organometallic compounds -- Databases; Chemistry, Inorganic -- Databases; Organic compounds -- Synthesis -- Databases; Chemical reactions -- Databases; Chemistry, Organic -- Databases
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6.  Science of synthesis Houben-Weyl methods of molecular transformations
The new reference work for this century, currently contains approximately 2 000 generally applicable synthetic methods in organometallic and heterocyclic chemistry covering 18 000 reactions with roughly 80 000 structures --About screen
  Subject: Chemistry, Organic; Organic compounds -- Synthesis
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Viewing all 6 results of your selection

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