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1.  ACM journal on computing and cultural heritage
  Subject: Cultural property -- Data processing
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2.  Arbutus review
  Subject: Humanities
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3.  Asia-Pacific science and culture journal
  Subject: Social sciences -- Pacific Area; Social sciences -- Asia; Humanities -- Pacific Area; Humanities -- Asia
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4.  Development impact news, views, mothods, and insights from the world of impact evaluations
  Subject: Evaluation research (Social action programs); Evaluation
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5.  H-net reviews
  Subject: Books -- Reviews; Social sciences -- Book reviews; Humanities -- Book reviews
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6.  Humanities Diliman
  Subject: Learning and scholarship -- Philippines; Humanities -- Study and teaching -- Philippines
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7.  Inkanyiso
  Subject: Social sciences -- South Africa; Humanities -- South Africa
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8.  Interdisciplinary humanities: dedicated to the teaching of integrated studies among the humanities, arts and related fields in schools, colleges and cultural institutions
  Subject: Interdisciplinary approach in education -- United States; Education, Humanistic -- United States; Humanities -- Study and teaching -- United States
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9.  ISAA review / Independent Scholars Association of Australia Inc
  Subject: Humanities -- Australia; Learning and scholarship -- Australia
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10.  Journal of digital humanities
  Subject: Humanities -- Electronic information resources
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11.  The journal of interactive technology and pedagogy
  Subject: Educational technology; Communication in learning and scholarship -- Technological innovations; Humanities -- Technological innovations; Humanities -- Interactive multimedia
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12.  Journal of librarianship and scholarly communication
  Subject: Libraries and electronic publishing; Open access publishing; Communication in learning and scholarship
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13.  Journal of the Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science
  Subject: Computer science; Humanities -- Electronic information resources -- Congresses; Humanities -- Research -- Data processing -- Congresses; Humanities -- Data processing -- Congresses
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14.  Kao shi. Gao kao wen ke ban
  Subject: Social sciences -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- China; Humanities -- Study and teaching (Secondary) -- China; Social sciences -- Examinations -- Study guides; Humanities -- Examinations -- Study guides; Social sciences -- Examinations, questions, etc
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15.  Lumina a refereed, interdisciplinary, research and scholarly journal of Holy Name University
  Subject: Philippines; Philosophy; Theology; Humanities
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16.  Space and culture, India
  Subject: Social sciences -- India; Humanities -- India
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Viewing all 16 results of your selection

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