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1. Agora an online graduate journal
  Subject: Humanities
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2. Ariadne
  Subject: Academic libraries -- Great Britain; Digital libraries; Computer network resources; Internet
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3. Bled ... proceedings
  Subject: Computer science -- Congresses; Information technology -- Congresses; Electronic information resources -- Congresses
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4. CDROM databases
  Subject: CD-ROMs -- Directories; Databases -- CD-ROM catalogs
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5. The Charleston advisor
  Subject: Libraries and electronic publishing; Electronic information resources; Web databases -- Reviews; Web publishing -- Reviews; Electronic reference sources -- Reviews; Electronic information resources -- Reviews
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6. Communications in information literacy
  Subject: Information literacy -- Study and teaching
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7. D-Lib magazine
  Subject: Information Systems; Information Storage and Retrieval; Library information networks; Libraries and electronic publishing; Electronic publishing; Digital libraries
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8. Electronic resources review
  Subject: Web sites -- Reviews; CD-ROMs -- Reviews; Information resources -- Reviews
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9. First Monday
  Subject: World Wide Web; Internet; Information superhighway
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10. GPO Access training booklet: a service of the Government Printing Office
  Subject: United States -- Information services -- Databases -- Handbooks, manuals, etc; Database searching -- United States -- Handbooks, manuals, etc; Government information -- United States -- Databases -- Handbooks, manuals, etc
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11. International journal of digital library services
  Subject: Digital preservation; Information services; Library science -- Information technology; Libraries -- Automation; Digital libraries
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12. International journal on digital libraries
  Subject: Information storage and retrieval systems; Digital libraries
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13. Journal of access services
  Subject: Digital libraries
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14. Journal of eLiteracy JeLit
  Subject: Internet literacy; Electronic information resource literacy
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15. Latitudes
  Subject: Libraries, Medical -- United States; Information Systems -- United States; Information services -- United States
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16. Shu zi tu shu guan lun tan = Digital library
  Subject: Digital libraries; Digital libraries -- China
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17. Webology
  Subject: Library science; Information science; World Wide Web
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18. World communication and information report
  Subject: Communication -- Technological innovations; Information technology; Information services
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Viewing all 18 results of your selection

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