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1. Astronomy and computing
  Subject: Astronomy -- Information technology; Astronomy -- Mathematics; Information storage and retrieval systems -- Astronomy; Astronomy -- Data processing
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2. Astronomy education review
  Subject: Space sciences -- Study and teaching; Astronomy -- Study and teaching
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3. CAP journal communicating astronomy with the public
  Subject: Astronomy; Communication in astronomy; Astronomy -- Study and teaching
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4. Contact in context
  Subject: Spectrum Analysis; Cosmochemistry; Exobiology; Life on other planets
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5. Dio
  Subject: Astronomy -- Miscellanea
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6. Journal of Astronomical Instrumentation
  Subject: Astronomical instruments
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7. Odyssey
  Subject: Outer space -- Periodicals -- Juvenile literature; Astronomy -- Periodicals -- Juvenile literature
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8. Sky watch
  Subject: Astronomy -- Observers' manuals; Astronomy -- Popular works
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Viewing all 8 results of your selection

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