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1.  The anthropology of East Europe review
  Subject: Europe, Eastern -- Social life and customs; Ethnology -- Former Soviet republics; Ethnology -- Eurasia; Ethnology -- Europe, Central; Ethnology -- Europe, Eastern
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2.  East European politics
  Subject: Europe, Eastern -- Politics and government
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3.  Elementa
  Subject: Slavic countries -- Civilization; Culture -- Semiotic models; Semiotics
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4.  Eluosi Zhong Ya Dong Ou yan jiu = Russian Central Asian & East European studies / Zhongguo she hui ke xue yuan Eluosi Dong Ou Zhong Ya yan jiu suo zhu ban
  Subject: Asia, Central; Europe, Eastern; Russia
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5.  Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian research
  Subject: Asia, Central -- Economic policy; Asia, Central -- Economic conditions; Europe, Eastern -- Economic policy; Europe, Eastern -- Economic conditions
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6.  Papeles del este
  Subject: Soviet Union -- Politics and government -- 1985-1991; Soviet Union -- Economic conditions -- 1985-1991; Europe, Eastern -- Politics and government -- 1989-; Europe, Eastern -- Economic conditions -- 1989-
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7.  Studia Slavica et Balcanica Petropolitana
  Subject: Europe, Eastern -- History; Balkan Peninsula -- Languages; Balkan Peninsula -- History; Slavic countries -- History; Slavic philology; Slavs -- History
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8.  Toronto Slavic quarterly TSQ / University of Toronto
  Subject: Slavic literature
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9.  Transitions online TOL
  Subject: Former Soviet republics -- Economic conditions; Europe, Eastern -- Economic conditions -- 1989-; Former Soviet republics -- Politics and government; Europe, Eastern -- Politics and government -- 1989-
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Viewing all 9 results of your selection

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