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1.  Assessment
  Subject: Personality Assessment; Mental Disorders -- diagnosis; Psychodiagnostics; Psychological tests
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2.  Behavior analyst / MABA
  Subject: Behaviorism; Behavior therapy; Behavior modification; Behavioral assessment; Behaviorism (Psychology)
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3.  Behavior and philosophy
  Subject: Behavior; Philosophy; Behaviorism; Behaviorism (Psychology)
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4.  Behavior and social issues
  Subject: Social psychology; Behaviorism (Psychology) -- Social aspects
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5.  Behavior research methods
  Subject: Research Design; Psychology, Experimental -- methods; Behavioral Research -- methods; Psychology, Experimental -- Methodology
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6.  Behavior research methods, instruments, & computers: a journal of the Psychonomic Society, Inc
  Subject: Psychology, Experimental -- instrumentation; Computers; Behavior; Information storage and retrieval systems -- Psychology, Experimental; Psychological apparatus; Psychology, Experimental -- Methodology
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7.  Behaviorism
  Subject: Behaviorism; Behaviorism (Psychology)
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8.  Behaviour research and therapy
  Subject: Mechanisms; Behavior Therapy; Behavioral Medicine; Psychotherapy; Learning; Behavior; Psychiatry
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9.  Ce yan nian kan / Zhongguo ce yan xue hui
  Subject: Psychological tests
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10.  Current psychology letters behaviour, brain & cognition: CPL
  Subject: Cognitive Science; Psychology, Experimental
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11.  European journal of psychological assessment: official organ of the European Association of Psychological Assessment
  Subject: Personality Assessment; Psychological tests
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12.  International journal of testing
  Subject: Evaluation Studies; Evaluation Studies as Topic; Educational Measurement; Psychological tests
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13.  Journal of experimental psychology. Applied
  Subject: Psychology, Applied; Psychology, Experimental
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14.  Journal of experimental psychology. General
  Subject: Psychology, Experimental
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15.  Kd keirygaku = The Japanese journal of behaviormetrics
  Subject: Behaviorism (Psychology) -- Statistical methods
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16.  The quarterly journal of experimental psychology: QJEP
  Subject: Psychology, Comparative; Psychophysiology; Psychology, Experimental
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Viewing all 16 results of your selection

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