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1. Antropo publication de GRANDI, Groupement d'anthropologie didactique
  Subject: Biological Evolution; Genetics, Medical; Anthropology, Physical; Evolution (Biology); Human genetics; Biodiversity; Physical anthropology
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2. Applied human science: journal of physiological anthropology
  Subject: Physiology; Anthropology, Physical; Human physiology
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3. Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology
  Subject: Societies, Dental; Paleodontology; Paleontology; Human remains (Archaeology); Dental anthropology; Teeth, Fossil
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4. Ethos
  Subject: Personality and culture; Ethnopsychology
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5. Evolutionary anthropology: issues, news, and reviews
  Subject: Biological Evolution; Anthropology, Physical; Human ecology; Anthropology; Human evolution
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6. Human biology review
  Subject: Human biology -- India; Human biology; Physical anthropology -- India; Physical anthropology
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7. Human evolution
  Subject: Biological Evolution; Human evolution
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8. International journal of bio-anthropological practice
  Subject: Physical anthropology; Physical anthropology -- Research
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9. International journal of osteoarchaeology
  Subject: Paleontology; Bone and Bones -- pathology; Anthropology, Physical; Paleopathology; Human remains (Archaeology); Physical anthropology
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10. The Internet journal of biological anthropology
  Subject: Physical anthropology
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11. Journal of evolution and technology
  Subject: Humanism; Forecasting; Technology; Hominidae; Biological Evolution; Evolution; Technological innovations -- Social aspects; Human evolution -- Effect of technological innovations on
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12. Journal of human evolution
  Subject: Biological Evolution; Anthropology; Anatomy, Comparative; Human evolution
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13. Journal of physiological anthropology and applied human science
  Subject: Physiology; Physiological Processes; Anthropology, Physical; Human physiology; Physical anthropology
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14. Program of the ... Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists
  Subject: Physical anthropology -- Congresses; Anthropology -- Congresses
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15. Revista argentina de antropologa biolgica
  Subject: Physical anthropology -- Argentina; Physical anthropology
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16. Yearbook of physical anthropology
  Subject: Anthropology, Physical; Physical anthropology
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Viewing all 16 results of your selection

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