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1.  Cultural politics
  Subject: Politics and culture; Political culture
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2.  The European journal of cultural policy: CP
  Subject: Europe -- Cultural policy; Cultural policy
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3.  Filozofija i drutvo / Univerzitet u Beogradu, Institut drutvenih nauka [i] Centar za filozofiju i drutvenu teoriju
  Subject: Political science -- Yugoslavia -- History; Political science -- Philosophy
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4.  Guernica a magazine of art and politics
  Subject: Poetry; Arts; Politics and culture
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5.  The international journal of cultural policy: CP
  Subject: Cultural policy
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6.  International political sociology
  Subject: Sociology; Political science; International relations; Political sociology
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7.  Journal of political ecology
  Subject: Anthropology -- Research; Environmental economics; Political ecology
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8.  Les ateliers de l'thique
  Subject: Applied ethics; Social ethics; Political ethics
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9.  Political behavior
  Subject: Political sociology; Political psychology
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10.  Political psychology
  Subject: Political psychology
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11.  Political science research and methods
  Subject: Political science -- Europe
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12.  Politics and the life sciences: the journal of the Association for Politics and the Life Sciences
  Subject: Politics; Biology; Behavior; Biopolitics
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13.  Psicologa poltica
  Subject: Social psychology -- Political aspects; Politics and culture; Political sociology; Political psychology
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14.  Radical psychology a journal of psychology, politics, and radicalism
  Subject: Multiculturalism; Antipsychiatry; Political psychology
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15.  Revista de sociologia e poltica
  Subject: Brazil -- Social conditions -- 1985-; Brazil -- Politics and government -- 1985-; Political science; Political sociology
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16.  State, culture and society
  Subject: Political sociology
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Viewing all 16 results of your selection

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