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1. Advances in cognitive psychology University of Finance and Management in Warsaw
  Subject: Psychology; Cognition; Psychology, Experimental; Neuropsychology; Cognitive psychology
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2. Attention, perception & psychophysics
  Subject: Psychophysiology; Psychophysics; Attention; Perception; Senses and sensation
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3. Coaching psykologi the Danish journal of coaching psychology
  Subject: Counseling -- Methodology; Positive psychology
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4. Cognition, technology & work
  Subject: Cognition; Technology -- Sociological aspects; Cognitive science; Cognitive psychology
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5. European psychomotricity journal
  Subject: Perceptual-motor learning; Movement, Psychology of; Motor ability
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6. Existential analysis: journal of the Society for Existential Analysis
  Subject: Existential psychotherapy; Existential psychology
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7. Gestalt journal of Australia and New Zealand
  Subject: Gestalt psychology; Gestalt therapy
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8. The Humanistic psychologist: bulletin of the Division of Humanistic Psychology, Division 32 of the American Psychological Association
  Subject: Humanistic psychology
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9. The international journal of transpersonal studies
  Subject: Transpersonal psychology
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10. Journal of motor behavior
  Subject: Motor Skills; Motor Activity; Movement, Psychology of; Human mechanics
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11. Journal of phenomenological psychology
  Subject: Psychology; Existentialism; Phenomenological psychology
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12. The journal of positive psychology
  Subject: Behavioral Medicine; Psychology; Happiness -- Psychological aspects; Quality of life -- Psychological aspects; Positive psychology
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13. Journal of psychoactive drugs
  Subject: Psychotropic Drugs; Hallucinogens; Drug abuse; Hallucinogenic drugs
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14. Perception & psychophysics
  Subject: Psychophysiology; Perception; Senses and sensation
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15. Psyche an interdisciplinary journal of research on consciousness
  Subject: Cognitive science; Cognitive psychology; Consciousness
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16. Visual cognition
  Subject: Vision, Ocular; Vision; Cognition; Visual perception
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Viewing all 16 results of your selection

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