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1. Acta crystallographica. Section F, Structural biology and crystallization communications
  Subject: Crystals; Crystallography
Antpac Record

2. Cable car soundscapes
  Subject: Sounds
Antpac Record

3. Celebrator beer news
  Subject: Brewing industry -- California; Beer -- California; Beer
Antpac Record

4. Folk music of Rumania from the collection of Bela Bartok
  Subject: Folk songs, Romanian -- Romania; Folk music -- Romania; Folk dance music -- Romania
Antpac Record

5. Freedom songs: Selma, Alabama a documentary recording / by Carl Benkert
  Subject: African Americans -- Civil rights -- Songs and music
Antpac Record

6. The International Morse code a teaching record using the Audio-vis-tac method
  Subject: Morse code
Antpac Record

7. Science fiction sound effects record conceived, edited & mastered by Mel Kaiser
  Subject: Space flight sounds
Antpac Record

8. A something's extra for Songs in the key of life Stevie Wonder
  Subject: Rhythm and blues music; Popular music -- 1971-1980
Antpac Record

9. Sounds of frequency a test record conceived and developed by Moses Asch and Peter Bartok
  Subject: Sound -- Equipment and supplies; Sound analyzers; Noise -- Measurement
Antpac Record

10. The Technique
Antpac Record


Viewing all 10 results of your selection

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