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51.  Lewis' dictionary of occupational and environmental safety and health [edited by] Jeffrey W. Vincoli
  Subject: Environmental Health -- Dictionary -- English; Occupational Health -- Dictionary -- English; Environmental health -- Dictionaries; Industrial safety -- Dictionaries
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52.  Lexikon fr Textilveredlung. English
  Subject: Textile industry -- Dictionaries; Textile finishing -- Dictionaries
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53.  Macmillan encyclopedia of energy John Zumerchik, editor in chief
  Subject: Power resources -- Encyclopedias
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54.  Nanopedia, the web encyclopedia of nanotechnology
NANOPEDIA provides overviews, a balanced analysis of the latest news in nanotechnology and course resources as well as an underlying comprehensive, searchable encyclopedia of nanotechnology --Nanoworlds home page
  Subject: Nanotechnology -- Encyclopedias
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55.  Nature biotechnology directory
  Subject: Biomedical Engineering -- Directory; Genetic Engineering -- Directory; Biotechnology -- Directory; Biomedical engineering -- Directories; Biochemical engineering -- Equipment and supplies -- Directories; Biochemical engineering -- Directories; Biotechnolo
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56.  New Oxford dictionary for scientific writers and editors
  Subject: English language -- Technical English -- Dictionaries; Technical editing -- Dictionaries; Technical writing -- Dictionaries
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57.  Newnes Dictionary of electronics S.W. Amos, R.S. Amos appendix by G.W.A. Dummer
  Subject: Electronics -- Dictionaries
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58.  NRC telephone directory
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59.  OPD chemical buyers directory
  Subject: Pharmaceutical industry -- Directories; Paint industry and trade -- Directories; Chemical industry -- Directories
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60.  Pollution A to Z Richard M. Stapleton, editor in chief
  Subject: Pollution -- Encyclopedias
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61.  Polymers, a property database
Provides scientific and commercial information on polymers in a single source. Guides the user through the primary literature via reference citations and though supplier details by providing trade names and commercial product information. Searches by polymer, properties, ... read more
  Subject: Polymers -- Dictionaries; Polymerization -- Databases; Polymers -- Composition -- Databases
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62.  Roster of professional engineers and professional land surveyors / issued by Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
  Subject: Surveyors -- California -- Directories; Engineers -- California -- Directories
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63.  Sweet's directory / McGraw-Hill Construction Information Group
  Subject: Building materials industry -- Canada -- Directories; Building materials industry -- United States -- Directories; Building fittings -- Canada -- Catalogs; Building fittings -- United States -- Catalogs; Building materials -- Canada -- Catalogs; Building
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64.  TechEncyclopedia
  Subject: Internet -- Terminology -- Dictionaries; Computer science -- Terminology; Technology -- Terminology
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65.  The telecommunications illustrated dictionary Julie K. Petersen
  Subject: Computer networks -- Dictionaries; Data transmission systems -- Dictionaries; Telecommunication -- Dictionaries
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66.  Terminology of water supply and environmental sanitation Terminologie de l'approvisionnement en eau et de l'assainissement du milieu / Paul J. Biron
  Subject: French language -- Dictionaries -- English; Sanitary engineering -- Dictionaries -- French; Water-supply engineering -- Dictionaries -- French; English language -- Dictionaries -- French; Sanitary engineering -- Dictionaries; Water-supply engineering -- D
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67.  ThomasGlobal
Directory of 700,000 manufacturers and distributors from 28 countries, classified by 11,000 products and services categories
  Subject: Manufactures -- Directories; Industries -- Directories
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68.  ThomasNet
Directory of over 650,000 manufacturers, distributors, and service companies indexed by 67,000 product and service categories. Resources include suppliers' product catalogs, e-commerce capabilities, over 20 million CAD drawings, and up-to-date product news. Search by: Product or service, ... read more
  Subject: Manufactures -- Canada -- Directories; Industries -- Canada -- Directories; Manufactures -- United States -- Directories; Industries -- United States -- Directories
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69.  Wiley electrical and electronics engineering dictionary Steven M. Kaplan
  Subject: Electronics -- Dictionaries; Electrical engineering -- Dictionaries
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