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101.  Proceedings ... officers, committees ... roster
  Subject: Compensation (Law) -- United States -- Congresses; Negligence -- United States -- Congresses; Insurance law -- United States -- Congresses
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102.  ProQuest congressional publications
Provides users with access to a comprehensive collection of historic and current congressional information. Includes full text of congressional publications, finding aids, a bill tracking service, public laws and other research materials. The database is an effective ... read more
  Subject: Government publications -- United States -- Indexes -- Databases; Legislation -- United States -- Indexes -- Databases; Law -- United States -- Indexes -- Databases
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103.  Researching U.S. treaties and agreements by Marci Hoffman
  Subject: United States -- Foreign relations -- Treaties -- Computer network resources -- Directories; United States -- Foreign relations -- Treaties -- Bibliography; Treaties -- Research -- Methodology
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104.  Richard Kimber's political science resources politics and government around the world
  Subject: Web sites -- Directories; Political science -- Computer network resources -- Directories
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105.  The Routledge dictionary of twentieth-century political thinkers ed. Robert Benewick and Philip Green
  Subject: Political scientists -- Biography -- Dictionaries; Political science -- History -- 20th century -- Dictionaries
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106.  Routledge politics and international relations online
Contains a collection of reference works, mostly handbooks, dictionaries, and encyclopedias, dealing with politics and international relations. They may be browsed individually, and they are searchable as a group
  Subject: International relations -- Encyclopedias; International relations -- Dictionaries; Political science -- Encyclopedias; Political science -- Dictionaries
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107.  Senate zip code directory Senate Office of Demographics
  Subject: Zip codes -- California -- Directories; Election districts -- California -- Directories
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108.  Shalom, salam. English
  Subject: Palestine -- History -- Encyclopedias; Israel -- History -- Encyclopedias; Israel -- Politics and government -- Encyclopedias; Palestinian Arabs -- Politics and government -- Encyclopedias; Arab-Israeli conflict -- Encyclopedias; Jews -- Politics and gove
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109.  State budget offices [web site]
  Subject: State governments -- Officials and employees -- Directories; Budget -- United States -- States -- Directories
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110.  The United States Air Force dictionary Woodford Agee Heflin, editor
  Subject: Aeronautics, Military -- Dictionaries
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111.  WashLaw legal research on the web
  Subject: Law -- Kansas; Law firms -- Directories; Law schools -- Directories; Jurisprudence -- Computer network resources -- Directories; Law -- Computer network resources -- Directories
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112.  West's encyclopedia of American law Jeffrey Lehman, editor, Shirelle Phelps, editor
  Subject: Law -- United States -- Popular works; Law -- United States -- Encyclopedias
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113.  World encyclopedia of police forces and correctional systems George Thomas Kurian, editor
  Subject: Criminal law -- Encyclopedias; Corrections -- Encyclopedias; Police -- Encyclopedias
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114.  World of forensic science K. Lee Lerner and Brenda Wilmoth Lerner, editors
  Subject: Criminal investigation -- Encyclopedias; Forensic sciences -- Encyclopedias
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115.  Worldwide marine radiofacsimile broadcast schedules
  Subject: Marine radio stations -- Directories; Marine weather broadcasts -- Handbooks, manuals, etc
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116.  Zhi shi chan quan fa xue ci dian Dictionary of intellectual property law / 5141 ke ti zu bian
  Subject: Intellectual property -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Intellectual property -- Terminology
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