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151. Gale encyclopedia of U.S. history. War
  Subject: United States -- History, Military -- Encyclopedias; War and society -- United States -- History -- Encyclopedias; Politics and war -- United States -- Encyclopedias; War -- Economic aspects -- United States -- Encyclopedias
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152. Garrod patent glossary - chemical, pharmaceutical and biotechnology arts / David Garrod
  Subject: Biotechnology -- Patents -- Dictionaries; Pharmaceutical industry -- Dictionaries; Chemicals -- Patents -- Dictionaries; Patent laws and legislation -- Dictionaries
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153. Garrod patent glossary - electronics, computer and business method arts / David Garrod
  Subject: Inventions -- Patents -- Dictionaries; Computers -- Dictionaries; Electronic apparatus and appliances -- Patents -- Dictionaries; Patent laws and legislation -- Dictionaries
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154. Garrod patent glossary - mechanical, electro-mechanical and medical devices arts / David Garrod
  Subject: Medical instruments and apparatus -- Patents -- Dictionaries; Electromechanical devices -- Patents -- Dictionaries; Patent laws and legislation -- Dictionaries
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155. Glossary on migration [Richard Perruchoud, ed.]
  Subject: Emigration and immigration -- Dictionaries
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156. Governments of the world a global guide to citizens' rights and responsibilities / C. Neal Tate, editor in chief
  Subject: Comparative government -- Encyclopedias
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157. Green politics an A-to-Z guide / Dustin Mulvaney, general editor
  Subject: Environmental policy -- Encyclopedias; Political ecology -- Encyclopedias; Green movement -- Encyclopedias
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158. Gu jin mou le ci dian Song Xiaoyong, Xue Chao zhu bian
  Subject: Tactics -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Strategy -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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159. Guide to Latin in international law Aaron X. Fellmeth & Maurice Horwitz
  Subject: Latin language -- Terms and phrases; Latin language -- Dictionaries -- English; Latin language -- Law Latin -- Dictionaries -- English; Law -- Dictionaries -- Latin
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160. Han Yin fa l fen lei ci dian A classified Chinese-English law dictionary / zhu bian Yuan Chunming
  Subject: Chinese language -- Dictionaries -- English; English language -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Law -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Law -- Dictionaries
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161. Han Ying dao dan ci dian Chinese-English missils dictionary / Liu Erqi zhu bian
  Subject: Chinese language -- Dictionaries -- English; Rockets (Ordnance) -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Guided missiles -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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162. Han Ying zheng zhi fa l ci dian A Chinese-English dictionary of politics & law / Li Kairong zhu bian
  Subject: Chinese language -- Dictionaries -- English; Law -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Political science -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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163. Handwrterbuch zur Verwaltungsreform Rdiger Voigt, Ralf Walkenhaus (Hrsg.)
  Subject: Germany -- Politics and government -- Encyclopedias; Political science; Public administration -- Germany -- Encyclopedias
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164. Historical dictionary of atomic espionage Glenmore S. Trenear-Harvey
  Subject: Military intelligence -- History -- 20th century -- Dictionaries; Arms race -- History -- 20th century -- Dictionaries; Nuclear weapons -- History -- 20th century -- Dictionaries; Espionage -- History -- 20th century -- Dictionaries
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165. Historical dictionary of Chinese intelligence I.C. Smith, Nigel West
  Subject: Military intelligence -- China -- History -- Dictionaries; Intelligence service -- China -- History -- Dictionaries
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166. Historical dictionary of multinational peacekeeping Terry M. Mays
  Subject: Multinational armed forces -- History -- Dictionaries; Peacekeeping forces -- History -- Dictionaries
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167. Historical dictionary of the Chinese Communist Party Lawrence R. Sullivan
  Subject: Political parties -- China -- Dictionaries
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168. Hmong legal glossary = Phau ntawv Hmoob txhais cov lus hauv tsev hais plaub / produced by the Winsonsin Court Interpreter Program translated by the Minnesota Translation Lab, Dr. Laurence H. Bogoslaw, Director, and by PaDer Lillian Lawbeerjour, Ying L
  Subject: Hmong language -- Dictionaries -- English; English language -- Dictionaries -- Hmong; Law -- Dictionaries -- English; Law -- Dictionaries -- Hmong
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169. How do I find government information on.... Administrative decisions
  Subject: Delegated legislation -- United States; Administrative agencies -- United States -- Directories
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170. IEL civil procedure [edited by Piet Taelman]
The Civil Procedure volumes of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws provide in-depth descriptions and analysis of numerous domestic systems, guiding lawyers of differing legal backgrounds through foreign proceedings with which they and their clients may be confronted. ... read more
  Subject: Law -- Encyclopedias; Civil procedure
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171. IEL competition law editors, Francesco Denozza, Alberto Toffoletto
The International Encyclopaedia on Competition Law aims at providing an in-depth description of the antitrust laws of more than 30 Countries, including the U.S. Federal Acts and the legislation of the European Community. Each monography will include ... read more
  Subject: Antitrust law -- Encyclopedias
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172. IEL contracts
The Contracts subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws sheds light on the fine print in the world of contracts, helping ensure the viability (or probe the non-viability) of these detail-oriented instruments. Contracts encompass the national monographs ... read more
  Subject: Law -- Encyclopedias; Contracts
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173. IEL corporations and partnerships
The Corporations and Partnerships subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws provides quick and easy guidance on a variety of corporate and partnership considerations that arise in international business, such as mergers, rights and duties of interested ... read more
  Subject: Law -- Encyclopedias; Partnership; Corporation law
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174. IEL criminal law Frank Verbruggen, editor
The national monographs in this subset of the International Encyclopaedia of Laws provide a general insight into criminal law and procedure in different countries. For each country, an introduction presents the requisite background knowledge for understanding the ... read more
  Subject: Criminal procedure -- Encyclopedias; Criminal law -- Encyclopedias
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175. IEL cyber law [edited by Jos Dumortier]
  Subject: Law -- Encyclopedias; Computer crimes; Computer networks -- Law and legislation; Computers -- Law and legislation
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