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1.  Contemporary fashion editor, Taryn Benbow-Pfalzgraf
  Subject: Fashion -- History -- 20th century -- Encyclopedias; Fashion design -- History -- 20th century -- Encyclopedias; Fashion designers -- Biography -- Encyclopedias
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2.  Design dictionary perspectives on design terminology / Michael Erlhoff, Tim Marshall (eds.) [translation from German into English: Laura Bruce, Steven Lindberg]
  Subject: Design -- Terminology; Design -- Dictionaries
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3.  A dictionary of modern design Jonathan M. Woodham
  Subject: Design -- Dictionaries
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4.  International directory of design. Computer graphics, multimedia & animation
  Subject: Computer animation -- Study and teaching -- Directories; Multimedia systems -- Study and teaching -- Directories; Computer graphics -- Study and teaching -- Directories; Design -- Study and teaching -- Directories
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5.  Li dai ming ju liu ti zi tie
  Subject: Quotations, Chinese; Calligraphy, Chinese
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6.  Liu ti shu fa da zi dian Tian Qishi bian
  Subject: Chinese language -- Writing -- Dictionaries; Calligraphy, Chinese -- Dictionaries
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7.  Shu fa zhuan ke shu yu tzu dian Cui Erping zhuan
  Subject: Seals (Numismatics) -- Dictionaries -- Chinese -- China; Calligraphy, Chinese -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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8.  Xing cao da zi dian / Shu xue hui bian zuan
  Subject: Calligraphy, Chinese -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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9.  Zhongguo min jian yi shu da ci dian Liu Bo zhu bian
  Subject: Folk art -- China -- Dictionaries
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10.  Zhongguo shu fa ming zuo jian shang ci dian Li Mingfang, Chang guowu zhu bian
  Subject: Calligraphers -- China -- Biography; Calligraphy, Chinese -- Appreciation -- Dictionaries
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11.  Zhonghua shou cang da ci dian Beijing Dong fang shou cang jia xie hui bian zhu bian An Jiuliang, Li Xuemei fu zhu bian Ma Fazhu, Lin Xuan
  Subject: China -- Antiquities -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Art objects, Chinese -- Dictionaries
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