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1.  Artists in Canada directory
  Subject: Artists -- Canada -- Directories
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2.  Biographical and critical dictionary of painters, engravers, sculptors, and architects, from ancient to modern times
  Subject: Artists -- Biography -- Dictionaries
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3.  The concise Oxford dictionary of art and artists edited by Ian Chilvers]
  Subject: Artists -- Biography -- Dictionaries; Art -- Dictionaries
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4.  The concise Oxford dictionary of art terms Michael Clarke and Deborah Clarke
  Subject: Art -- Dictionaries
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5.  A dictionary of twentieth-century art Ian Chilvers
  Subject: Artists -- Biography -- Dictionaries; Art, Modern -- 20th century -- Dictionaries
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6.  Grove art edited by Laura Macy
Provides access to the entire text of The dictionary of art (1996) with constant additions of new material and updates to the text, plus extensive image links
  Subject: Art -- Encyclopedias
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7.  Oxford art online
Oxford Art Online enables access and cross-search functionality to Grove and Oxford reference content in one location. Provides access to Grove Art Online, The Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, The Oxford Companion to Western Art, and The Concise Oxford ... read more
  Subject: Aesthetics -- Encyclopedias; Artists -- Dictionaries; Art -- Dictionaries; Art -- Encyclopedias
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8.  The Oxford companion to Western art edited by Hugh Brigstocke
  Subject: Artists -- Dictionaries; Art -- Dictionaries
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9.  The Oxford dictionary of American art and artists Ann Lee Morgan
  Subject: Artists -- United States -- Biography -- Dictionaries; Art, American -- Dictionaries
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10.  The Oxford dictionary of art Ian Chilvers
  Subject: Art -- Dictionaries -- Databases
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11.  Shogajin, ukiyoeshi kosh jiten Kokusho Kankkai hen
  Subject: Wood-engravers -- Japan -- Dictionaries; Calligraphers -- Japan -- Dictionaries; Artists -- Japan -- Dictionaries; Painters -- Japan -- Dictionaries
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12.  Zhongguo dang dai yi shu jie ming ren lu Zhongguo ming ren yan jiu yuan bian [Yi Tian, Ge De zhu bian]
  Subject: Artists -- China -- Biography -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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