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1. Business leader profiles for students Jaime E. Noce, project editor
  Subject: Businesswomen -- United States -- Biography -- Dictionaries; Businessmen -- United States -- Biography -- Dictionaries; Businesspeople -- United States -- Biography -- Dictionaries
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2. Encyclopedia of corporate social responsibility Samuel O. Idowu, editor-in-chief Nicholas Capaldi, Liangrong Zu, Ananda Das Gupta, co-editors
  Subject: Social responsibility of business -- Encyclopedias
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3. Encyclopedia of leadership editors, George R. Goethals, Georgia J. Sorenson, James MacGregor Burns
  Subject: Leadership -- United States -- Encyclopedias; Leadership -- Encyclopedias
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4. Encyclopedia of new venture management editor, Matthew R. Marvel
  Subject: Entrepreneurship -- Encyclopedias; New business enterprises -- Management -- Encyclopedias
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5. Encyclopedia of public relations Robert L. Heath, editor
  Subject: Public relations -- Encyclopedias
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6. Encyclopedia of small business Kevin Hillstrom, Laurie Collier Hillstrom
  Subject: Small business -- Finance -- Encyclopedias; Small business -- Management -- Encyclopedias
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7. International encyclopedia of organization studies general editors, Stewart Clegg, James R. Bailey
  Subject: Organizational sociology -- Encyclopedias; Organization -- Encyclopedias; Management -- Encyclopedias
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8. Logistik-Wrterbuch deutsch-englisch, englisch-deutsch = Dictionary of logistics: German-English, English-German / Vanessa Scott-Sabic
  Subject: English language -- Dictionaries -- German; Business logistics -- Dictionaries -- German; German language -- Dictionaries -- English; Business logistics -- Dictionaries
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9. Total quality key terms and concepts / William L. Duncan Luftig & Warren International
  Subject: Total quality management -- Dictionaries
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Viewing all 9 results of your selection

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