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1. American national standard letter symbols and abbreviations for quantities used in acoustics sponsor, IEEE Standards Coordinating Committee 14 on Quantities, Units, and Letter Symbols
  Subject: Sound -- Abbreviations -- Standards
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2. Encyclopedia of vibration editor-in-chief S. Braun editors D. Ewins, S.S. Rao
  Subject: Vibration -- Encyclopedias
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3. Han Ying tu mu jian zhu yu dao lu gong cheng ci dian A Chinese-English dictionary of civil construction and road engineering / Jiao tong bu di yi gong lu kan cha she ji yuan bian
  Subject: Chinese language -- Dictionaries -- English; Highway engineering -- Dictionaries -- Chinese; Civil engineering -- Dictionaries -- Chinese
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4. International tunnelling directory
  Subject: Tunnels -- Design and construction -- Directories; Tunneling -- Directories
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5. Roster of professional engineers and professional land surveyors / issued by Board of Registration for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors
  Subject: Surveyors -- California -- Directories; Engineers -- California -- Directories
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6. Sweet's directory / McGraw-Hill Construction Information Group
  Subject: Building materials industry -- Canada -- Directories; Building materials industry -- United States -- Directories; Building fittings -- Canada -- Catalogs; Building fittings -- United States -- Catalogs; Building materials -- Canada -- Catalogs; Building
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7. Ying Han tu mu jian zhu gong cheng da ci dian English-Chinese dictionary of civil and architecture engineering/ Li Kaiyun, Zhou Di zhu bian
  Subject: Building -- Dictionaries; Civil engineering -- Dictionaries
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8. Zhongguo tu mu jian zhu bai ke ci dian Cheng shi gui hua yu feng jing yuan lin / [ben juan zhu bian Li Dehua, Zhu Zixuan]
  Subject: Gardens -- China -- Dictionaries; Gardens -- Dictionaries; Landscape architecture -- China -- Dictionaries; Landscape architecture -- Dictionaries; City planning -- China -- Dictionaries; City planning -- Dictionaries; Building -- China -- Dictionaries; B
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Viewing all 8 results of your selection

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